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'Big Brother 16': Episode 13 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Tonight, July 23, “Big Brother” picked up after the Battle of the Block Competition. Amber and Jocasta were excited to take themselves off the chopping block, leaving Brittany and Victoria as this week’s nominees. Zach tried to talk to Brittany, who said she didn’t trust anyone. She said she was all alone in the house. In the Have Not Room, Victoria complained to Hayden about the exact same thing – she felt alone and like she couldn’t trust anyone.

Caleb snuck upstairs to find out was really going on with Cody and Amber and sat quietly as Cody tried to warm Amber’s hands up. He went back downstairs and told Zach he wasn’t sure what was going on with them. Zach explained Cody is like that with every girl. Later on, Brittany found Caleb outside, and the two vented their frustrations. Caleb felt Brittany deserved to be there and wanted her to stay over Victoria.

Upstairs in the HoH Room, Zach told Cody how mad Caleb was. Cody was angry and knew it was only a matter of time before Caleb went after him.

Aside from Cody, Brittany, and Victoria, Zach, Nicole, and Caleb were chosen to play in the Veto Competition. (Brittany chose Caleb for houseguest’s choice and told him it was because he looked “yummy” in his shirt). After everyone dispersed, Caleb told Cody he talked to Brittany the night before and wanted her to stay over Victoria, since she competes and deserves to be there.

Frankie hosted the soccer-themed Veto Competition. He announced that Germany won this year’s World Cup and explained the rules. Each houseguest had to kick a soccer ball (using a fake leg contraption) into a net with various point totals. The person with the lowest point total in each round was eliminated and had to take a prize from the corresponding trophy cup.

Cody was eliminated first and picked the Power of Veto prize out of his trophy. Brittany was out next and traded her penalty kick card with Cody. Zach was out next and won a Germany vacation. Nicole traded her card to kick goals for the Power of Veto. Victoria won $5,000 and took the Veto instead. That left Caleb to choose his prize, which was a Germantard to wear all week long…and he traded it with Nicole for $5,000, shocking the other houseguests.

Upstairs, Cody told Zach and Frankie he was going to nominate Caleb in Victoria’s place. Outside, Brittany began her punishment of kicking 2,400 goals in 24 hours. Cody began his punishment of penalty kicks and kicking himself in the rear end with a shoe on the end of another fake leg contraption 10 times every time the whistle blew. Nicole hopped into her Germantard outfit, which was essentially lederhosen, a green hat with a feather, and a stein of beer.

Donny felt it was time to start talking game and told Zach and Hayden he wanted Cody to nominate Caleb in Victoria’s place. Zach agreed. Donny then sat with Brittany as she kept working on her kicks. Cody became exhausted and couldn’t even figure out when the whistle was blowing and when it wasn’t, and Brittany was in a lot of pain from kicking all of her goals.

Zach went upstairs to give Cody, Frankie, and Derrick the reasons why he thought Caleb should go on the block. They all thought Caleb would then go home. Derrick pushed for Cody to put Donny up, since everyone liked him, he wasn’t in their alliance, and he wouldn’t go home.

Cody talked to Donny alone in the HoH Room and told him he wasn’t going to put him up on the block, no matter what anyone else said. Cody went outside and told the others he was going to put Caleb on the block. Frankie went inside and woke Derrick up to tell him, so Derrick went to talk to Cody. He said he thought it was a mistake because they needed to get Brittany out.

During the Veto Meeting, Victoria used the Power of Veto on herself. Cody stood up and said being up there was a tough decision, and he hoped there were no hard feelings in the situation. He then nominated Donny in Victoria’s place and sat down to cry.

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