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'Big Brother 16': Episode 12 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Big Brother” picked up tonight’s episode, July 20, during the HoH Competition, which began during Thursday night’s live eviction. The houseguests worked in pairs to move eggs through a chicken wire fence. It was a close race between Amber and Zach and Cody and Frankie, but it was Cody and Frankie who pulled through and won HoH.

Cody, Frankie, and Caleb celebrated the victory in the Have Not Room. Derrick and Caleb whispered as they cleaned their shoes off and commented about how Brittany and Jocasta almost won. Zach was excited he would be safe for the week, and he and Frankie speculated who to nominate. Brittany started crying while telling Donny she worried she would be nominated, and he worried he would be nominated, too.

The group went to see Cody and Frankie’s HoH Room. Frankie was happy he only received a picture of his sister, Ariana Grande, from when she was much younger and in a skeleton costume. Cody and Frankie each read their letters to the group.

Derrick, Christine, Frankie, Zach, and Cody agreed they were the residuals from the Bomb Squad alliance and agreed Caleb and Amber were pretty much out because of their drama, so they weren’t working with them anymore. They brainstormed a new name, and Derrick suggested “The Detonators.”

Cody, Frankie, and Hayden talked about Zac Efron, and Cody said he has a huge man crush on him. Frankie agreed. Hayden said his man crush is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Frankie found Team America’s next mission in the Diary Room. He learned they needed to put a physical threat up for nomination and that it was up to him to tell Donny and Derrick. The three of them agreed Amber is the strongest female physical threat and planned for her to be nominated.

Brittany talked to Frankie about feeling like the old girl in the house. She felt the other girls were throwing themselves at Cody and worried she would be nominated. Frankie went upstairs and told Cody, who was very offended. Later, Brittany told Cody she was over it and sick of all the lies. She added the day before was her last day of caring and felt too old for everything. Cody questioned her on what she said to Frankie, and she denied it.

Amber sat in bed with Cody, while Caleb sat in the other portion of the HoH Room with Frankie. Amber and Cody started to talk a little game, so Amber got up and shut the door. Caleb was frustrated, and Frankie asked him what was going on with them, trying to test the waters on what might happen if Amber were nominated for eviction. Cody worried Caleb would be mad at him for talking to Amber.

Without any Have Nots for the week, the group had to share beds. No one wanted to share with Victoria, which she found to be offensive. She and Brittany discussed the situation, and Victoria said she was over it and didn’t trust anyone in the game.

Frankie told Amber she was probably going to be nominated. She wasn’t happy and wondered why she needed to be a pawn – she asked why it couldn’t be Christine or one of the guys.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany. He explained he nominated them for not knowing where they were at in the game. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Amber because Jocasta is fierce, and Amber is a strong competitor.

Cody and Victoria talked alone. She cried, and Cody told her she was just an innocent bystander. Victoria said she would fight her heart out, but she didn’t expect to be on the block again so early in the game.

Frankie and Derrick celebrated accomplishing the mission, while Amber told Christine they needed to start talking to Nicole and get the girls to work together. Brittany walked in and said it was a slap in the face to be compared to Victoria again. Victoria walked in, and the conversation abruptly stopped.

Everyone suited up for the Battle of the Block Competition, which was chess-themed. The girls could only move like the knight pieces on a chess board. Once they landed on a spot, they flipped the tile over to the red side, and that spot could no longer be landed on. Jocasta was quickly trapped and out of the competition, followed by Brittany. Amber managed to win, and Jocasta’s emotions were out in full force. This de-throned Frankie as HoH, who was promptly tarred and feathered.

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