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‘Big Brother 16’ dictionary: Terminology you will need to know

‘Big Brother 16’ dictionary: Terminology you will need to know
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There are many different words, terms and phrases used on the reality show Big Brother that is now going into its 16th season due to its incredible popularity. We have written a dictionary of terminology that the house guests use on the show so that viewers understand most of what they are saying. The season begins on June 25, 2014, so get ready by learning your Big Brother words and phrases so that you are ready!

BB16Big Brother 16

HOH - Head of Household – The person who has power over choosing the 2 house guests that will go up for nomination for eviction that week. They also get to eat regular food (not on slop) and get to sleep in the upstairs head of household bedroom that is decorated just for them with pictures of their family and friends. They get a letter from home and a basket full of goodies that they love. They get to lead all the meetings in the house and sometimes get special powers. They take pictures with the HOH camera too. When their reign is over for the week, they are not allowed to play in the next HOH competition (exception is the last HOH competition for the summer.)

POV – Power of Veto – The POV is the power in the house to use the veto to remove one of the two nominated house guests from the eviction block. Sometimes this honor is even more powerful than the HOH.

The Block – The “place” where the two people nominated for eviction “sit.”

Floater – A person who does not choose an alliance, but goes wherever the power in the house is. They go back and forth to the people who can help them the most, but never truly commit their loyalty to anyone.

Backdoor – When a house guest is back-doored they are not one of the original nominees for eviction by the HOH, but they are the true target the whole time (unknown to them). They do not win the Power Of Veto competition and are put on the block after the POV competition by replacing someone who is already there. They are then voted out.

DR – Diary Room – The place where the house guests go to confide how they really feel about each other and the game. Some of what they say we see on the shows. This is where all the voting takes place too on camera during the live eviction shows. They can also speak “behind the scenes” to the producers of the show and share their problems, psychological issues and ask for special need items.

Coaster – A person who flies under the radar, is hardly noticed, stays quiet and out of trouble. They make it far in the game that way.

Is there any other term or phrase that is missing here that you would like to know? If so, leave it in the comments section below and we’ll try to get the answer.

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