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Big Brother 16: Could Rachel Reilly be back, again

Julie Chan promises yet again, 'expect the unexpected".
Julie Chan promises yet again, 'expect the unexpected".

The summer is finally here. That means we are all anticipating the return of the CBS hit reality TV series, 'Big Brother”. According to the Entertainment news on May 31st, there are a few spoilers that are floating around in the internet. Nothing will be confirmed, however, until Big Brother 16 premiere on June 25th.

One rumor that will not die down is they are planning a 'blood vs. water' theme, like Survivor did a few seasons ago. It is rumored that Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater may be returning as well as Frank Eudy and his retired pro-wrestler father Sid Vicious. In fact, according to the reports, Sid Vicious has admitted being asked on the show, which is clearly against the rules of the game.

Another rumor is they will be using a special veto called 'scarlet veto.' It will work much like the hidden immunity idol in survivor where it can be used after the veto ceremony and is hidden in the house. It was used in Big Brother Canada last season. Whoever find the special veto can use it.It would put an interesting spin on the possibility of back dooring a contestant.

One thing is for sure, this season will be full of drama, especially if Rachel comes back. Tune into CBS this summer to see the action and dram unfold. Are you going to watch this year? Who would you like to see return?