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'Big Brother 16' cast revealed: All newbie season at play?

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

For weeks rumors about the cast of “Big Brother 16” have been floating across social media. From blood vs. water to all-stars, there was a theory for everything. Season 16 of “Big Brother” will begin airing in just five days. The entire cast was revealed yesterday morning to fans who were waiting on pins and needles. According to a June 19 report from E! Online, the contestants range from a minister to a popular YouTube personality. This season appears to be filled with new players, but that doesn't mean there won't be familiar faces down the line.

Frankie Grande is probably the only contestant fans may recognize this year. While he is the half-brother of Ariana Grande, he is also a YouTube sensation on his own. With plenty of followers and 10 million hits, Frankie Grande is quite popular. His strategy is to lay low and not let anyone know about his show or his half-sister. Fans agree it is a smart move, but one that may backfire like it did with Elissa regarding Rachel.

Twitter is filled with predictions about who will win the game and who will be evicted first. The feed for “BB16” shows plenty of fans for Britney and Derrick. Of course Frankie is still high on the popular list, with several of the others falling below par for some fans. Some of the veterans have made comments based on their first impressions, some of which weren't so nice.

“Big Brother 16” is going to be one of the craziest seasons yet. The new twists are going to be interesting to see the first time around. Fans have been watching the show for years and it has always been the same routine, but the double Head of Household wins are going to throw a wrench in any plans made before entering the house. The “Big Brother” two-night premiere begins June 25 on CBS.

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