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'Big Brother 16': America mourns the eviction of Donny Thompson

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

When Donny Thompson was revealed as one of the cast members for “Big Brother,” no one knew what kind of an impact he would have on America. Season 16 hasn't been the most eventful, but there have been some good moments. Donny was nominated seven times, and finally lost his battle against the other house guests. As he sat down to talk to Julie Chen, tears filled his eyes. It was undoubtedly one of the saddest evictions in “Big Brother” history. According to an August 29 report from CBS, America mourned the eviction of Donny Thompson.

In just a few weeks fans will vote for who they want to be America's favorite houseguest, and many are banking on Donny Thompson winning the prize. When Donny was evicted, social media went crazy. “Bye Donny” was trending on Twitter, and several former “Big Brother” players weighed in. Donny may not have played the best game, but he played the best he could. While others were lying and scheming, Donny was sticking to his routine and saving himself from eviction time and time again.

Fans were excited to hear Donny Thompson will be appearing on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” when the game is over. “Big Brother” has seemed to impact more fans this season, and many believe it is because of Donny. He racked up $15,000 from his “Team America” tasks plus his weekly stipend. There is just a little under a month left on the show and fans are excited to see what will happen at the finale when all the players come face to face with one another.

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