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'Big Brother 16': 8th live eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Tonight, Aug. 14, was another live “Big Brother” eviction. After Christine replaced Zach with Nicole on the block, she and Cody celebrated up in the HoH Room with a hug. Frankie and Caleb joined them, and everyone was in a good mood.

Outside, Nicole asked Christine to talk and said she was hurt. Nicole didn’t understand why Christine didn’t talk to her first to give her a chance to explain herself. Christine blamed the others for pressuring her, but Nicole didn’t buy it.

Donny talked to Zach about feeling left out of all the conversations. Donny started to cry and wondered why people were afraid of him. Zach joked, “Fear the Beard.”

Nicole talked to Victoria as she cried. She wanted to do something to find a way to stay, so she talked to Christine. Nicole explained why it would be better to keep her over Donny, and Christine agreed that Nicole made good points. Nicole also talked to Cody and reminded him she was alone. Christine talked to Cody and Derrick, and all three were unsure about what they wanted to do.

Caleb, Frankie, and Christine got to leave the house this week to attend the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp. They met Jerry Jones, who gave them all shirts and hats before they met some of the players.

Julie checked in with the houseguests and asked Caleb who his favorite person to meet was. He thought it was amazing to meet Jerry Jones. Julie asked Victoria the most surprising thing to happen this week, and Victoria said how emotional she got. Julie asked Zach how things were with Frankie, and he said he hates him the least of everyone in the house. She went to Frankie next, who said playing the Battle of the Block Competition alone was rough, but he did it.

Nicole and Donny spoke to their fellow houseguests one last time. Nicole said it had been an amazing journey, her dream of playing came true, and she wished everyone the best of luck. Donny told the others it had been great playing with them, and he hoped to continue. Then, it was time for the vote: everyone voted to evict Nicole. Julie broke the news, and Nicole hugged the others good-bye.

Outside the house, Julie asked Nicole why she was evicted. Nicole said everyone really wanted her out and joked she was a physical beast. Julie wondered if Nicole wanted to keep in touch with anyone in the house, and she said she loved Donny. Nicole was frustrated with Christine and felt betrayed. She felt bad for going after Frankie when he was Ariana Grande’s brother. Nicole liked Hayden and thought they would at least stay best friends. She said being in the “Big Brother” house was everything she hoped it would be after watching the show for many years.

In the good-bye messages, Christine said she knew they would be great friends and evicting Nicole was strategic; Frankie thought voting against Nicole was very hard; Derrick said playing against Nicole was awesome; and Donny said if she was watching, he dodged a bullet and hoped they would remain friends. Julie teased that Nicole might get the chance to get back in the house.

Next up was the HoH Competition. The previous night, production teased the houseguests about a zombie outbreak, and Julie then asked them questions about announcements that were read to them. The houseguests stood side by side and had to turn their pieces to A or B to answer. Caleb was out after the first question. Donny and Victoria were out after the third question. Zach was out next. After a few more questions, Derrick and Frankie finally won HoH.

Julie (unfortunately) sat down with Rachel Reilly to discuss her thoughts on this season. She was disappointed in how the girls were clinging to the boys. Rachel loved Zankie and hoped they were friends forever. She thought Derrick was playing the best game and was going to win the season. Rachel wanted Nicole to get back in the house.

To close the show, Julie revealed one of the four jury members would have the chance to get back into the game next week. She also announced that the two HoH twist will be over after this week as well.

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