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'Big Brother 16': 5th live eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

It was another live eviction on “Big Brother” tonight, July 31. After Amber became the replacement nominee, Christine welcomed Amber to the club of Zach yelling at them. Jocasta was worried she would go home, but the others assured her she wouldn’t. Caleb was still under the impression Amber went up on the block to scare her, not to send her home, since he thought he was running the game.

Amber went outside to talk to Frankie. Frankie apologized to Amber, and she thought she was put up for personal reasons. He blamed Caleb for saying things about her, but she didn’t like that explanation. Amber went inside and asked Caleb if he had something to say. Caleb said it was about trust, and Amber had been hanging out with everyone who wasn’t in their alliance.

Caleb felt like he made a mistake and later took Amber aside to talk. He apologized and explained their entire alliance knew Amber was going up on the block. Caleb went upstairs to tell Frankie he didn’t think it was a good idea to send Amber home. Frankie continued to play along and let Caleb think Amber going up was because of him.

Cody, Amber, Christine, Zach, and Derrick sat in the HoH Room together. Zach asked if Amber liked Caleb, and she started crying. She left the room and went downstairs, so Christine went to check on her. Amber was very frustrated with Zach for bothering her about not liking Caleb and felt like she wanted to get Caleb out. Christine took that to Frankie and Derrick to try and convince them to keep Amber.

Frankie saw it as an opportunity to tell Caleb and put the nail in Amber’s coffin to send her home. Caleb said he wanted to keep Amber, so Frankie told Caleb that Amber was telling everyone he was her target because he was ruining her game. Caleb stormed out of the room and went downstairs, throwing Amber’s bunny slippers off his feet.

Julie checked in with the houseguests and offered her condolences to Derrick before turning to Zach to ask about his outbursts. Zach said he couldn’t contain himself and again told the others he hated them all. Julie asked Nicole about Zach’s comments, and she said she was shocked but got over it. Julie asked Caleb a question from a viewer about wearing bunny slippers and scarves, and he explained the slippers were Amber’s and fit his feet, and the scarves were because he had been a Have Not for two weeks and was cold.

Derrick received Team America’s next mission, which was to vote against the majority of the house in the next vote. After the vote, they then had to publicly accuse two people of flipping. Derrick shared the mission with Frankie and Donny, and Donny thought they should decline. Derrick thought they could blame Zach for it, but Donny didn’t want to mess up his game.

Julie let Amber and Jocasta talk to their fellow houseguests to try and sway the votes. Amber sent love to her family and friends and told Jocasta she was an amazing woman. She told the houseguests she loved them and played an honest and loyal game. Jocasta spent a lot of time giving shout outs to her family and told the houseguests she wanted to stay.

Then, it was time for the vote. Everyone voted to evict Amber, and she looked surprised as she made her way out of the house. She reminded everyone she played a very honest and loyal game and said she still wouldn’t say anything bad about any of them.

Julie asked Amber who she felt betrayed by the most, and she said Caleb. She felt it was personal and didn’t pretend to like Caleb. Amber felt if she would have stayed, they would have gone after the guys, and Julie wondered why the girls didn’t stick together. Amber wasn’t sure. Julie asked if Caleb’s feelings affected her game, and she felt it did. She just wanted her bunny slippers back. Amber said Cody was like a brother to her, and she realized he betrayed her the most, once she thought about it.

In Amber’s good-bye messages, Zach said he was extremely happy she was gone because she was going after him and it was better for his game, Christine said she was in an alliance called The Detonators and they were going after Caleb next, Donny said Amber reminded him of home (and made her cry), and Caleb said he was the king of the house. Amber was excited to go home and see her family.

Earlier today, the memory wall in the house turned into videos of all the competitions, which the houseguests gladly sat around and watched. Watching was supposed to help them with tonight’s HoH Competition, which had them all lined up side-by-side, with dividers in between. Julie read true or false questions, and when they got the answer wrong, they were eliminated. Jocasta was out first, and Victoria, Christine, and Derrick were not eliminated until a couple questions later. Cody was out after a few more questions.

The show ended in a five-way tie, since they ran out of time, and they did not show which two houseguests won HoH. Julie also told the audience next week will be the summer’s first double eviction.

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