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'Big Brother 16': 4th live eviction recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Angela Weiss

It was another live eviction on “Big Brother” tonight, July 24. Tonight’s episode picked up after the Veto Meeting, when Cody replaced Victoria with Donny as a nominee on the block. Brittany was disappointed to have to campaign against Donny, and Cody went up to the HoH bathroom to cry. Outside, Frankie comforted Cody before telling Donny he had his vote to stay.

Donny talked to Derrick and thought maybe Cody’s rationale was that everyone liked Donny, so he would stay. Derrick agreed, and Donny worried Derrick was controlling Cody’s game play. Donny and Cody talked, and Cody explained it was the best way to get Brittany out. Donny suggested Cody was in a bigger alliance, trying to fish for information, but Cody wouldn’t give anything up.

Brittany told Caleb she was fighting hard and didn’t want to go home before some other people in the house. Caleb thought keeping Brittany would be better for his game, since Donny would go after their alliance. Caleb went upstairs and said the same things to Derrick, Cody, and Frankie, who all agreed.

Frankie found out the sad news that his grandpa passed away through a letter in the Diary Room. He came out crying, and everyone gathered around him for hugs before sitting him down in the living room. Brittany read the letter out loud to everyone – his family told him they didn’t want him to come home and told him to stay strong in the house. Frankie told everyone stories about his grandpa and started to calm down a bit.

Julie checked in with the houseguests. She offered her condolences to Frankie and then got right to business. Julie asked Caleb why he took the money over the Veto – he said he need to pay for some things back at home. She asked Zach what he thought of Caleb’s decision, and Zach said he was just excited to go to Germany. She asked Cody the hardest part of his HoH reign, and he said putting up a replacement nominee.

Julie said the Have Nots were back this week and were already decided by the four “laziest” players as determined by the activity trackers everyone wore. Christine guessed Zach would be one of them. Julie then revealed Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick were the four laziest this week and would be Have Nots, unless one of them won HoH.

Nicole told Hayden she had a dream about him coming to her house. They checked in with Nicole’s family back home in Michigan. Her mom said she takes a long time to warm up to a guy and plays hard to get. Nicole’s brother would rather she bring home the money over Hayden. They also showed footage of Hayden and Nicole kissing under the blankets in bed.

Before the live vote, Brittany and Donny spoke to their fellow houseguests. Brittany said it wasn’t easy sitting next to Donny, it had been a great ride and journey, and the only way to prove herself was to take on the goal-kicking punishment. She asked the others for one more chance. Donny thanked God for the opportunity to play the game he loved and thanked his family and girlfriend. Everyone voted to evict Brittany, and Julie broke the news to the houseguests.

Brittany said her good-byes and headed outside the house. Julie asked about the landslide vote, and Brittany said everyone didn’t vote the way they wanted to and went with the house. She felt there were certain people controlling the house and the game and that an alliance formed early on. Brittany also felt the game started before she even got into the house, so the same people were getting nominated each week.

In the good-bye messages, Zach said Brittany was a good person, but he wouldn’t care if he never saw her again; Jocasta said it wasn’t easy voting her out but that Donny had saved her; Hayden said she was unpredictable in the game but a good cook; and Donny said he was glad she was seeing the message, but he would miss her and their ice cream dates. Brittany became emotional when talking about how excited she was to go home and see her kids, and they reunited her with them right there on stage.

Next up was the HoH Competition. The houseguests faced off against each other two at a time and had to listen to a country song describing one of the competitions they had played in the house. Christine eliminated Hayden, Donny eliminated Jocasta, Frankie eliminated Caleb, Amber eliminated Victoria, Derrick eliminated Donny, Zach eliminated Nicole, Christine eliminated Amber, Derrick let Frankie eliminate him, and Zach eliminated Christine to become HoH with Frankie.

Julie checked back in with everyone inside the house, and Derrick admitted he threw the competition to let Frankie win. (Obviously, Julie). Frankie said being in the house was a roller coaster, but he was very grateful for what Derrick did. To the audience, Julie revealed Team America’s next mission was to get two houseguests to get into an argument with each other during the nomination ceremony or veto meeting. As they eavesdropped on the houseguests, Frankie was crying again, saying it all just got real again.

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