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'Big Brother 16': 3rd live eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Tonight, July 17, the third live “Big Brother” eviction episode started out right after Jocasta was saved at the Veto Meeting. She struggled to keep it together and kept crying. Caleb continued to hover over Amber, covering her with extra blankets and watching her with Cody. Cody felt annoyed and wondered if the time might be right to evict Caleb over Devin. Cody and Donny talked about when the right time would be to go after Caleb. They worried Caleb was willing to do anything for Amber.

Hayden was excited that Nicole finally letting him cuddle while they laid in bed together. He tried to make more moves on her, but Victoria walked into the room and announced she was going to bed, killing the mood.

Cody bonded with Devin outside while playing pool. He went back inside and told Zach that Devin was a decent guy, but he just played the game horribly. The two of them wondered if they should try to get Caleb out. Zach talked to Frankie, and Frankie talked to Christine. Frankie then went to Derrick to ask what he thought, and Derrick wasn’t really opposed to the idea.

Jeff Schroeder went to visit Donny’s family. His parents admitted they don’t watch Donny on the show because it comes on too late. Jeff shared some clips with them and other family members. Donny’s mom didn’t like the show, and they all laughed at everyone’s conspiracy theories about Donny.

Julie checked in with the houseguests. Jocasta was feeling much better and still very grateful to Donny for saving her. Zach joked about how annoying everyone was, and Hayden said being a Have Not was great. Julie told them there wouldn’t be any Have Nots this week before warning everyone to expect the unexpected.

Julie gave Caleb and Devin the chance to speak. Caleb said both he and Devin were beasts in competitions, but Caleb hadn’t thrown anyone under the bus and back-stabbed like Devin had. Devin said he had some regrets about what he had done so far in the competition and reminded everyone that Caleb and Amber had a final two deal. Then, it was time to vote – the whole house voted to evict Devin.

The houseguests celebrated Devin’s departure as he headed outside the house. He wasn’t surprised the vote was unanimous because he played so hard. He got paranoid when side moves were made and felt his alliance was going against him, so that was why he outed the Bomb Squad. Devin had mixed emotions about playing the game with integrity and also playing the game. Julie asked Devin what he thought Donny really did before telling him that Donny is a groundskeeper.

In Devin’s good-bye messages, Jocasta said it was sad Devin’s army turned against him, but at least he got to see his daughter. Caleb said Devin was a good guy, but hard to trust. Zach said his social game was awful. Donny wished Devin the best of luck and told him to have a great summer with his daughter.

Julie revealed the teams for the HoH Competition: Victoria and Christine, Caleb and Nicole, Brittany and Jocasta, Amber and Zach, Donny and Hayden, and Cody and Frankie were paired up. Each team had to work eggs through a wire fence, and the first pair to finish would win HoH.

By the time the episode ended, the competition was barely underway. Julie revealed the next Team America challenge would be to get a physical threat nominated for eviction and said the guys will find out about the new challenge during Sunday night’s episode.

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