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'Big Brother 16': 2nd live eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Tonight’s live eviction episode of “Big Brother” picked up after the Veto Meeting, when Devin removed Brittany from the block and replaced her with Zach. Brittany explained her comments about Paola and said she knew Paola hadn’t worn her glasses for the competition when she always wears her glasses. Paola said Devin asked her to throw the competition, but she didn’t. Devin said she did throw the competition. He and Paola argued about it, and Devin said he even told Hayden and Nicole.

Zach stood up and said Paola sucked at everything, and there wasn’t an ounce of truth in Devin’s body. He looked at those sitting on one of the couches and said he felt they would keep him, but he couldn’t trust the others, even Frankie, and he wasn’t sure how they would vote. He said he wasn’t going home and ranted about how much he hated Devin. He said he was going after Devin, hoping the house would see that and keep him around. The house was shocked at what was going on.

Frankie felt Zach called him out during his speech and was very upset with him. Zach said he didn’t know why he said anything and didn’t mean it. Zach and Paola argued about whether or not she threw the competition.

Devin wasted no time in bringing Hayden into the Bomb Squad alliance to replace Zach. Devin explained they had the numbers to vote Zach out. He asked Hayden to come upstairs to talk to him, Frankie, and Caleb. Hayden said he appreciated them talking to him and agreed to be in the alliance.

Zach talked to Derrick about how much he wanted to stay. Derrick wanted him to stay and said Zach couldn’t talk about what happened after the Veto Meeting. Later, Derrick told Frankie and Donny he would vote with them. Frankie felt Caleb and Devin were stronger allies than Zach. Derrick went inside to talk to Caleb and fought for Zach by saying Paola was a floater, and Zach was after Devin. Derrick told Frankie they should keep Zach.

Frankie went up to tell Devin that Zach was staying. He said they now had a nine-person alliance. Devin said he was out of the alliance and playing solo before threatening to pick every person off, one by one.

Julie checked in with the houseguests. She asked Jocasta to describe the Veto Meeting in one word – she said “crazy,” and Frankie said “insanity.” Devin rated his HoH reign as a four-and-half out of 10. Julie let Paola and Zach speak one last time. Paola felt like a winner and was a positive person, but Devin had five personalities that all suck. Zach said he felt blessed to be there and loved all the houseguests. He said it was in their best interests to keep him safe, and he would do everything in the house to get Devin out.

Then, it was time for the vote: Jocasta and Donny voted to evict Zach, while Brittany, Derrick, Caleb, Amber, Hayden, Cody, Frankie, Nicole, Christine, and Victoria voted to evict Paola. Julie revealed that Paola had been evicted, and she said her good-byes.

Paola left the house and went out to meet with Julie. She blamed Devin for her eviction and said she didn’t know why she threw the competition. Paola was rooting for Donny and Jocasta. In the good-bye messages, Zach said Paola was a liar and he wasn’t sad to see her go, Jocasta told her she loved her, Devin apologized and said he wanted to help her and couldn’t keep his word, and Donny told her he loved her energy and spirit, and she had been his best friend in the house. Donny’s message made Paola cry.

Next up was the HoH Competition. Each houseguest had to hit a ball down a ramp to try and get it into one of the numbered slots. Amber and Cody both got 17, Caleb got 21, Frankie got 24, Christine only got a four, Nicole got 29, Victoria got 12, Brittany got 16, Zach got eight, Donny got 20, Hayden got 17, Jocasta got 22, and Derrick got a 28. That meant Derrick and Nicole were the two new HoHs.

Julie checked back in with the houseguests and congratulated Derrick and Nicole. She asked what Derrick was looking forward to in his HoH Room, and he said pictures of his wife and kids. Nicole was very excited to be HoH. Donny said it was very different and very exciting playing the game, as opposed to watching.

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