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'Big Brother 16': 2nd live double eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Tonight, Sep. 4, marked the second live double eviction of the season on “Big Brother.” Tonight’s episode picked up after the Veto Ceremony, during which Caleb put Victoria up as the replacement nominee in Christine’s place. Nicole didn’t understand why everyone wanted her out and why no one wanted to make a big game move. She and Victoria agreed Caleb should have nominated Frankie.

Caleb told Frankie he had been thinking a lot and added that Cody and Derrick had posed the idea of backdooring Frankie. Caleb said he decided to trust in Frankie, and Frankie assured Caleb that he was his biggest ally. Frankie told Derrick about it, and Derrick told his version of the story to make himself look good and pin everything on Caleb.

Derrick told Cody what Frankie said. Cody was very upset with Caleb, and they both wanted to get Frankie out.

Julie checked in with the houseguests and told them tonight was the second double eviction. She let Nicole and Victoria plead their cases. Nicole thanked Victoria for being such a good friend and told everyone to make big game movies. Victoria told everyone she was thankful and wanted to continue playing the game and said it was unfortunate she was sitting next to Nicole.

The group unanimously voted to evict Nicole for the second time. She went out and greeted Julie again. Nicole said it was hard to play the game when she went back into the house. She didn’t know who would win or who would follow her out the door. Julie asked how things were with Hayden, and Nicole said they admitted they liked each other, and things were even better than before.

Next up was the HoH Competition. Julie played a series of video clips from evicted houseguests and gave everyone the choices of one word that was bleeped out from their sentence. Everyone but Derrick got the first question wrong, making him the new Head of Household.

Derrick scrambled to talk to everyone in the house. He told Victoria and Caleb that Christine was the target, and if she came down, Frankie was going up. Then, Julie gathered everyone for the Nomination Ceremony. Derrick nominated Victoria and Christine and said he was going with what the house wanted.

All six houseguests participated in the Power of Veto Competition. They each had to navigate a ball through three different crop circle mazes and make it to the end. Frankie took an early lead and held on to win the Power of Veto.

Frankie had brief conversations with everyone before the Veto Meeting began. The nominees plead their cases to Frankie. Christine told Frankie she was close behind him and didn’t expect him to use the Veto. Victoria told Frankie she tried her best and really wanted to continue. Frankie chose to keep the nominations the same and did not use the Power of Veto.

Before the vote, Christine and Victoria were able to plead their cases to the other houseguests. Christine said she would love to continue to play the game and be the last girl standing. Victoria appreciated that everyone would vote for her to stay.

Frankie, Caleb, and Cody voted to evict Christine. Christine left without saying a word to anyone and received boos from the audience on her way out.

Outside the house, Christine told Julie she expected this to happen for a while, since she got into a boys’ club. Julie wondered if she regretted not sticking with Hayden and Nicole. Christine said she did regret it and may have made a wrong decision. She thought the guys kept Victoria because they knew they could beat her.

To the audience, Julie revealed that the next twist is “Big Brother Rewind.” The houseguests will be presented with a large, gold button. If that button was pushed in the next week, things would rewind, and next week’s HoH and nominees would be erased, starting the entire week from scratch. Julie also said Jeff and Jordan will return on Sunday for a very special announcement. Inside the house, the five remaining houseguests saw an image displayed on the screen and speculated what it could mean.

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