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'Big Brother 16': 1st live eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Tonight, July 3, marked the season’s first “Big Brother” live eviction. Julie Chen commented that fans are saying Joey may have the worst game play ever. The episode then picked up right after Caleb put Joey up as the replacement nominee. The two hugged. Paola and Caleb talked, and Caleb told Paola she was safe because Joey dug her own grave.

Joey told Brittany and Nicole she was rallying for votes and hoped she had theirs. Devin talked to Amber and Victoria in the bathroom, and Brittany wandered in. He asked what everyone was thinking and tried to push the idea of voting Joey out. When Zach walked up, he asked him as well and continued to push a unanimous vote onto everyone.

Joey offered to do something for Christine, and she said she felt Devin and Caleb were running everything. Joey then moved onto Zach and promised him more consistency for keeping him safe. He admitted he would vote with the house, and she asked if that was Devin and Caleb. Joey then dressed as Alex, her alter ego and started walking around the house yelling at everyone and asking for votes. Her goal was to shake things up and get people to vote differently.

Caleb told everyone about his giant crush on Amber and eventually told her about it up in the HoH Room. He said he thinks of her differently than a lot of other people, he sees her read her Bible, and there is a vibe between them. She didn’t really say much in response and left the room pretty quickly.

Julie checked in with the houseguests and let Joey and Paola speak to the others on why they should stay. Joey told everyone to pair themselves with someone physically and mentally strong. She said to keep her and keep a strong person in the pool. Paola thanked everyone for being her friend and hoped they would keep her in the game to keep sharing her kindness and positive energy through the house. Then, it was time for the live vote; the decision to evict Joey was unanimous.

Outside the house, Joey told Julie she was surprised the vote was unanimous. Joey thought it was too early in the game to create an all-girl alliance. She said being in the house was hard because everyone was so clicky that it reminded her of seventh grade. Joey explained she came clean about trying to start the alliance because she thought everyone knew and was trying to be the comic relief. She created Alex in the house for the first time.

In the good-bye messages, Frankie told Joey he loved her as a human but she wasn’t ready for the game, Paola was going to miss Joey but not Alex, Nicole loved every second of Alex, and Caleb told Joey about the “Bomb Squad” alliance. Julie asked Joey to guess the alliance members – she got Amber right, but incorrectly guessed Jocasta and Paola. Julie told Joey one of the houseguests was an undercover cop and another was the brother of a famous pop star. Julie told her she would find out when she watched from home.

Next up were the HoH Competitions – this week, the women and men competed separately. The women went first. Each person had to make their way across a balance beam to retrieve a keg, carry the keg back across the balance beam, and stack the kegs on the other side, all while the opposite gender threw small Frisbees at them. Amber finished first for the girls, and Cody won for the guys.

Donny learned he was the second member of the Team America alliance. He thanked America for voting for him, said it made him a little emotional, and he was very appreciative.

Before the final commercial break, Julie mentioned they needed to review the tape from the guys’ portion of the HoH Competition because there may have been a “foul.” After the break, Julie said Cody had hit the ground before hitting his button, making Devin the second HoH. Julie then asked Paola about surviving the first week of eviction. She said it was good, and she was happy to be there, even though she sucks at competitions.

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