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'Big Brother 16': 1st live double eviction recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

It was the first live double eviction of the season on “Big Brother” tonight, Aug. 7. Julie revealed that in addition to the double eviction tonight, both houseguests evicted would also become the first two members of the Jury. She added that Zach and Jocasta literally went to sleep while the rest of the house plotted who they wanted to vote out.

Derrick and Cody whispered away about voting Zach out, and Frankie caught them whispering. They immediately stopped, and Frankie grew suspicious. Frankie went to Derrick, and Derrick blew it off and said Cody was nervous to talk in front of Frankie. They went over the idea of sending Zach home, and Frankie started to realize Zach had lost The Detonators’ trust.

Derrick then went outside to talk to Caleb with Frankie. Caleb didn’t think it was a good idea to vote Zach out, since Zach was a number for him, but he went with whatever the guys wanted. That got Derrick thinking, and he told Cody they could either vote Zach out or expose Nicole and Hayden to The Detonators. Cody told Christine that Hayden and Nicole had planned to backdoor Frankie if the Veto was used. Frankie walked in, and Cody shared the news with him. They counted votes for Zach to stay to keep the numbers.

Julie checked in with the houseguests and told them the twist of two HoHs and four nominees was done. She also told them the first double eviction was tonight and told them Zach or Jocasta would be the first member of the Jury. Julie added that just because they were out of the house didn’t mean they were out of the game.

Julie then gave Jocasta and Zach the chance to speak to their fellow houseguests. Jocasta gave her usual shout-outs and said she probably couldn’t sway the houseguests, but she hoped they would keep her. Zach recited a poem and begged the houseguests to keep him. Donny and Hayden voted to evict Zach, while Caleb, Christine, Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria voted to evict Jocasta. Julie revealed the results, and Jocasta headed out of the house.

Outside the house, Jocasta told Julie she wasn’t surprised to be evicted. Julie asked Jocasta’s strategy, and she said to up her social game because she promised her mother she wouldn’t lie.

Then, it was time for the HoH Competition. Julie read the houseguests a series of questions, and they had to respond with “more,” “less,” or “exactly.” Everyone was out after the first question, except Zach, Christine, and Caleb. Zach was out next, and it was Caleb who beat out Christine and won HoH. The houseguests gathered in the living room for the Nomination Ceremony, and Caleb nominated Hayden and Donny.

Along with Caleb, Hayden, and Donny, Victoria, Zach, and Christine were selected to play in the Veto Competition. Each houseguest had to run down their lane and dive into a pit of balls to find three hidden rubber duckies and return them to the start. Donny finished first and won the Power of Veto before he collapsed on the ground in exhaustion.

During the Veto Ceremony, Donny used the Veto on himself. Caleb nominated Nicole in Donny’s place. Hayden said he didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but Frankie and Christine had been planting seeds the whole time. He told Zach he was a great competitor. Nicole said a lot of people were playing super dirty, she wanted to stay, and she loved being there.

The houseguests then had to vote. Cody and Donny voted to evict Nicole, and Christine, Derrick, Frankie, Zach, and Victoria voted to evict Hayden. Julie revealed it was Hayden who was evicted, and he said his good-byes to everyone and headed out of the house.

Hayden told Julie he thought he had it sewn up and was blindsided tonight. He couldn’t tell who was in on things the whole time, but he knew he would get put up once Jocasta was evicted. Julie asked about Nicole, and Hayden wasn’t sure if their relationship would continue outside of the house.

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