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'Big Brother 15' contestant Aaryn Gries loses her father

Aaryn Gries mourns the loss of her dad
Aaryn Gries mourns the loss of her dad
Aaryn Gries/Twitter

Anyone who watched Season 15 of "Big Brother" knows who Aaryn Gries is. Gries stirred up controversy in the house for her comments regarding race and her bad behaviors. She has since apologized for her actions and words, and fans seem to be rallying around her. According to a Feb. 4 article from Big Brother Access, Aaryn Gries is mourning the loss of her father. Whether you were an Aaryn fan this season or not, you know that she constantly mentioned her father and how much he meant to her.

Fans noticed Aaryn Gries tweet a message about the news and fellow "Big Brother" houseguests have tweeted their condolences including Ginamarie and Judd. A self-proclaimed daddy's girl, Gries is grieving hard. Fans have been reaching out in support and they received a thankful response from Aaryn as she is dealing with the loss.

No information is available about the cause of death or when exactly Aaryn Gries lost her father. Speculation is that it happened sometime between last night and this morning. As Gries deals with the difficulty of the situation her fellow houseguests are expected to be there to support her. "Big Brother" contestants remain a family once outside of the house and hopefully Gries will get the support and love she needs during the immense pain she is feeling.

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