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Big Brother 14: Who will stay loyal to their 'coaches'?

Is Janelle on her way out?
Is Janelle on her way out?

The Big Brother 14 game has changed now that the coaches are officially in the game. Thursday night was an explosive episode and delivered what it promised: real drama in the house. This latest head of household competition will be the most important one of the season. If a former coach doesn't win it then I see them being sent home one by one.

It is hard to predict whether or not their former teams will be loyal to their previous leaders and I doubt many will stay loyal. We already know that Wil is fed up of Janelle and Frank may think Mike 'Boogie' is too good a player to keep in the game.

We also cannot forget that Joe has said that he is coming after Janelle. It seems to me that she needs to be the one to win this competition. And we will find out on tonights episode of Big Brother.

Who do you hope will win the HOH competition?