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Big Brother 14 Starts Off the Season With An Unfair Bang

Big Brother
Big Brother

Big Brother debuted on CBS Thursday Night. The night that marks the beginning of summer for us reality TV junkies finally came. Unfortunately, by the time the night was over many viewers were upset with all the new twists and turns.

There are several house guests who seem to want to become the villains/know it all's of the house and are already beginning to irritate me.

The house guests who are already annoying me are:




The house guests who I may like to win it are:

Joe is funny.

Ashley seems funky cool.

Shane is cute.

One of the funky new rules this season is that good house guests have been allowed to return to be coaches.

The Returning Big Brother players are:




Mike "Boogie"

The coaches had to pick their players and the big surprise is that the coach of the winning player gets $100,000. That's a nice chunk of change. I don't really like the twist of having coaches and I especially didn't like that one person got sent home right away. Especially when it was the one black player in the whole show. Poor Jodi!

Hopefully, the season picks up or I won't be watching for much longer.


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