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Big Boom! Theory: Waid Promoted to COO of L.A-Based Comic Publisher

Mark Waid
Mark Waid
Boom! Studios

BOOM! Studios has promoted writer and Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid to Chief Creative Officer, it was announced Monday (July 19).

Waid, writer of the Boom! comic book series "Irredeemable" and "Incorruptible" has also served as the company's Editor-in-Chief for the past three year. Former Managing Editor Matt Gagnon has been promoted to the position as Waid steps up. 

Waid is known for writing the landmark "Kingdom Come" as well as "The Flash" for DC  and "Captain America" for Marvel in the '90s, a critically-accliaimed run on "Fantastic Four" earlier this decade and more recently, "The Amazing Spider-Man,"  among his vast credits over the past 25 years.

Based in Los Angeles, Boom! Studios was named 2009's "Best Publisher" and the recipient of seven Eisner and five Harvey Awards. It's arguably the fastest-growing comic book company in recent with film and television-based titles such as its "Farscape" books based on the  Henson Company's science fiction TV program and many kids titles based on Disney and Pixar films. 

"Mark Waid is one of the most well-loved and dynamic personalities in comics," said Ross Richie, Chief Executive Officer of BOOM!.in a statement.  "When he assumed the editorial reigns at BOOM! in 2007, he had his work cut out for him – I had not run the trains on time, and much of the editorial schedule was wrecked. Mark used his 25 years of experience in the business to methodically put our core titles like "Zombie Tales" and "Cthulhu Tales" back on track, added fresh comics creators with fresh voices to our line, and righted our business and helped define our brand. Without that intervention, there's no way we could have achieved the meteoric growth we've enjoyed. He's been a world-class talent, and it's a pleasure to commemorate that with this promotion."

"Ross is too kind and perhaps drinks a little much," Waid said, ever-humble. " Let’s save the accolades for Matt Gagnon. He’s got an uncanny eye for talent and a gift for finding diamonds in the dark, secret mineshafts in which freelancers dwell. He’s unearthed breathtaking talents, among them "Hexed's" Emma Rios, "The Unknown's"  Minck Oosterveer, and "Irredemmable's"  Peter Krause. Moreover, Matt has worked hands-on to make sure that BOOM!’s books are there for readers every month, on time, and that they’re great reads. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments, and we’re overdue in acknowledging them as I shift my responsibilities within the company to focus on our expanding opportunities both inside and outside publishing."

Waid said BOOM! will continue to boom, including its upcoming line of comics and graphic novels in conjunction with Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment, along with furthering digital-media strategies, and Hollywood deal-making as well. 

Waid has written for some of comics' most famous characters, a list that also includes The X-Men, Batman, Superman, and Archie. His BOOM! series "Irredeemable" Iwas nominated for "Best New Series," "Best Writer," and "Best Cover Artist" in the 2010 Eisner Awards and "Best Writer" and "Best New Series" by the 2010 Harvey Awards. 

Gagnon came to BOOM! from Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, one of the most influential and innovative comic book shops in the USA. 

Other BOOM! Studios titles include comics based on Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" (which of course, was the basis for the film "Bladerunner") and 20th Century Fox's "28 Days Later" and "Die Hard" BOOM Kids! publishes Disney/Pixar's "The Incredibles," "Cars," and Toy Story," along with Disney's "The Muppets," "Donald Duck," "Uncle Scrooge" and "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories." All quite impressive for a company that launched just five years ago.


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