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Big Block of Cheese Day: Public invited to White House social media event

Have you heard the big political news? While millions of Americans will tune in to watch the State of the Union Address on Jan. 28, another big political day is also coming up. According to Jan. 27 Huffington Post article, the White House recently announced the Obama administration will host its very first Big Block of Cheese Day! And the virtual holiday, which takes place Jan. 29, 2014, is creating quite the big buzz!

Big Block of Cheese Day:  Public invited to White House virtual social media event
White HOuse

Big Block of Cheese Day

The public is invited to submit questions via social media venues. Dozens of government officials will answer the questions in real-time throughout the day.

"Dozens of White House officials will take to social media for a day long "open house" to answer questions from everyday Americans in real-time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and via Google+Hangout."

Big Block of Cheese Day was actually inspired by U.S. President Andrew Jackson, where members of the public were able to interact with cabinet members during an open house at the White House. Folks enjoyed a slice or two from the ginormous, 1,400-pound block of cheese located in the main foyer of the White House.

President Jed Bartlet, the fictional president on the political television series, The West Wing, continued the cheesy tradition. Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina, stars of The West Wing, along with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, take part in a new video promoting Big Block of Cheese Day (see video at the top of this article.)

If you'd like to take part in the virtual event, submit your questions now by using the hashtag #AsktheWH and check out who will be answering your questions throughout the day.

And speaking of big events...

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