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'Big Bang Theory' spoilers: Could Sheldon and Amy become more intimate?

On Feb. 6 E Online shares a quick recap of the latest "Big Bang Theory" Valentine's Day episode that caused jaws to drop everywhere as Sheldon planted a kiss right on Amy's mouth after ignoring her on their romantic train dinner. The most shocking part about it is that Sheldon liked it which was clearly obvious in the 11 second kiss as he straightened to his full height after haranguing her for not being romantic enough.

Many fans are wondering if this could possibly be a turning point for the couple and their three-year relationship that has essentially gone absolutely nowhere. Many have speculated that Sheldon is a-sexual, therefore, has no need for physical intimacy in any capacity as he is obviously uncomfortable with it. Now that he's gotten a taste ( of brownies that they shared for dessert, according to Sheldon's recount) could it mean more for the couple?

Could Amy finally get the romance and physical contact she's been longing for from Sheldon all these years? It seems as if that is becoming a more likely situation in every episode. Many fans hope that it does happen because they either feel bad for Amy, or they just really want Sheldon to get a taste of a physical relationship before completely casting aside the notion forever. After all, at one point, they did talk about having children...

What did you think of the "Big Bang Theory" kiss between Sheldon and Amy? If you missed the big kiss, hit play and watch it here.

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