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‘Big Bang Theory’ season finale: Sheldon to move? Penny, Leonard living together

Johnny Galecki
Johnny Galecki
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for GLAAD

The “Big Bang Theory” season finale is going to send someone packing. With the news of Penny and Leonard getting engaged and starting their new lives, it appears that they want to live together too. This finale development for their relationship is going to be a heartbreaker for one man who seems to have had numerous changes this season. According to Hypable on Tuesday, the move will be a simple swap, but the character might still be extremely resistant.

This “Big Bang Theory” season finale spoiler offers details about the last show of the season. Fans who want to wait and watch the episode called “The Status Quo Combustion.” Offering a look at the changes, the characters get excited for all that might happen in the very near future.

It is Sheldon who is facing a big move, but as fans watch it is pretty obvious that the character is having a hard time with any changes in life and this latest one seems to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. With Leonard suggesting that Penny and Sheldon swap places in the apartment building, Shelton looks like he is going to snap. It’s merely steps away from where he lives at the moment, but his reaction implies his move is a million of miles away.

The theme of Sheldon’s uncertain future has viewers realizing that the world is moving forward for every character but Sheldon who seems a bit resistant at all the changes. There was the breakup with string theory and the death of Professor Proton and now the impending move. How will he handle it all?

Perhaps Penny and Leonard getting engaged isn't the best news for Sheldon, but it is a great news for all the loyal fans who have watched the show over the years wishing it would happen.

The “Big Bang Theory” season finale is Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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