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‘Big Bang Theory' Season 8 spoilers: Will Sheldon take the train? Fans wonder

Jim Parsons plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

The fans of “The Big Band Theory” got a big cliffhanger on the season finale of the show. Not only did Leonard and Penny’s relationship go to the next level, it was a moment when viewers got to see Sheldon Cooper start to fall apart. Things in his world were changing and it revealed a very vulnerable side to the character that has not been seen before on the show. According to Christian Today on Wednesday, even Jim Parsons, who plays the character, doesn't know the answer to the question of whether or not Sheldon stays or goes.

“The Big Band Theory” viewers have been speculating on what might happen. Most people think that Sheldon will come to his senses before stepping on the train. Looking to find the opportunity to embrace the chance instead of freak out, the audience expects that the ride might just be a set up for a great season of growth.

Of course there are viewers who think the exact opposite too. Sheldon has been the same way for years, prompting people to defend the idea that he might not ever change. While people might change, it’s not always the same for character apparently.

There is hope that the train does lead to some seriously fun adventures, if Sheldon decides to go. According to MStarz, it seems unlikely the show would pass up on the comedic gold mine of Sheldon Cooper getting into wacky misadventures through the U.S.

As far as cliffhangers go for the season finale, “The Big Band Theory” viewers really were handed a great place for the story to be stopped. It offers a moment for fans to reflect on their favorite character and dream about what might be next for the show. And it gives the writers of the popular sitcom a chance to enjoy a little bit of summer before once again writing the show.

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