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'Big Bang Theory' new season plot spoilers revealed

Actor Jim Parsons, winner of the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Award for The Big Bang Theory
Actor Jim Parsons, winner of the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Award for The Big Bang Theory
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“The Big Band Theory,” the long running sitcom about geeky scientists and the literal girl next door, begins its eighth season shortly. The International Business Times revealed how the new season will start in a piece on Saturday. Warning, for spoilers are about to be revealed.

When we last lest our intrepid heroes, Leonard and Penny finally decided to formalize their relationship and get married. This sent Sheldon, Leonard’s socially dysfunctional roommate into a tailspin, who then decided that he needed to leave town and hop on a train. In the meantime Penny is having dire thoughts about her abortive acting career after being in a schlocky film as a lesbian go go dancer who is turned into an ape. Having Wil Wheaton as a costar did not help.

Fast forward some indeterminate time, and it looks like Leonard and Amy have to go to Arizona to pick up Sheldon, who has obviously gotten himself into some trouble he cannot get out of alone. He is also in trouble with Amy, it is hinted, as she offered to console him about the Leonard/Penny wedding plans. Instead he ran away and it looks like Amy may have had enough. Oh, and by the second episode Sheldon will be forced to teach a class at the university. Pity his poor students.

In the meantime Penny, who is more strapped for cash than usual, will apply for a job at Bernadette’s big drug company. This will apparently allow Amy to pit Penny against Bernadette for some reason. Does this mean that Penny has given up the dream of being an actress? Could be.

Finally it looks like Howard is getting creeped out by Stuart’s friendly relationship with his mom, always heard whining and complaining off screen. After Stuart’s comic book store burned down under mysterious circumstances, he became Ms. Wolowitz’s caregiver. Previous holders of that job fled after they lost patience for the abuse that went with it. Not Stuart. He likes to be abused. It is a match made in – somewhere.