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'Big Bang Theory' engagement: What everyone is talking about

The "The Big Bang Theory" engagement of Penny and Leonard was titled "The Gorilla Dissolution" and had an epic ending that shocked fans. It's what everyone has been talking about since it aired.

An IBTimes May 9 report recapped the Penny and Leonard engagement as part of the "Big Bang Theory" season 7 finale scene. When Penny is fired from a director with the production she was working on, she wants to make drastic changes in her life that also include her relationship with Leonard.

When Penny says to Leonard, "We could get married," he unveils a ring he's been carrying around a long time. The big question over this "Big Bang Theory" engagement is, will it actually turn into a wedding?

Actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting hopes to see her character of Penny marry Leonard.

"I'm ready for them to get married," she said earlier this year. "Maybe because I just got married -- so come on Penny and Leonard, it's been six years! It took us six months! But I hope that's in the cards for them."

Fans all over have congratulated the characters for their new status as pending newlyweds. Given the fact Sheldon hates changes in life, the wedding could pose a substantial problem for him. He's been roommates with Leonard since the show launched in 2007. Things change when someone in a close friendship gets engaged or married. This has drawn speculation that it's possible Amy and Sheldon will also be the next couple to get engaged on "Big Bang Theory."

Jim Parsons noted his character's reaction to what might happen in season 8 after the engagement.

"He gets the hell out of there and I have no idea where he's going or what he's planning," Parsons said. "I won't know until I come back and read the first episode [of season eight]."

Parsons added that all the changes Sheldon is going through on the show "finally start to come home to roost for him as problems."

What did you think of the "Big Bang Theory" engagement ending for season 7?

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