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‘Big Bang Theory’ engagement: Watch Big Bang Theory engagement video here

The story of the “Big Bang Theory” engagement is making headlines in the UK and across the world and sparking a huge social media reaction.

In a story that was updated Friday, the Daily Mail headline read, “SPOILER ALERT: 'Oh my God, yes!' Kaley Cuoco agrees to marry Johnny Galecki on The Big Bang Theory”

The Big Bang sitcom is a huge hit in the UK as it is in the USA. The Mail story sparked 164 comments as of Sunday morning.

There is also news of a spoiler for the season finale. Caution, if you do not want to know what happens, please stop reading now!

TVLine reports that Sheldon will go AWOL from the finale episode.

“He gets the hell out of there and I have no idea where he’s going or what he’s planning,” actor Jim Parsons told TV Line.

The Big Bang Theory engagement has left some fans concerned about how it could affect Leonord and Sheldon’s relationship. Apparently the change was enough that Sheldon took off for the finale. No doubt fans will be kept wondering all summer what happened to Sheldon and what he will do when he gets back next season. Parsons said he won’t know until he reads the season opening script. And he hasn’t read it yet.

Last week’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” titled “The Gorilla Dissolution” saw the engagement of Leonard and Penny. See the video above if you haven't watched it already.

The episode begins with Penny’s bad day at work when she gets fired from her acting gig from Serial Apeist” after she got into an argument with the director.

“I need to start making some smart decisions,” Penny said after being fired from that gig.

Leonard, understandably was suspicious about Penny’s sudden interest in marrying him. Leonard told Penny that he saw himself as a healthy bran muffin instead of an exciting, diabetes-inducing Pop-Tart. He insisted on knowing what she needed from him.

Penny responded, "You, you stupid Pop-Tart!"

Leonard then pulled out the engagement ring he has carried in his wallet for years.

Readers of the UK’s Daily Mail were upset that the paper revealed the spoiler before they had the chance to watch the episode.

This Manchester’s remarks were typical of some of those complaints: No. “What I meant was that it is counterproductive to write 'Spoiler alert' if you're going to write the spoiler right after it in the headline. By all means give the game away, but do so WITHIN the actual article once the reader has clicked on it, and NOT in the headline. Understand? Sorry if this needs to be simplified further for you..”

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