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Big Bang Theory engagement spark strong Twitter, Facebook reaction

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The “Big Bang Theory” engagement of the Penny and Leonard characters is sparking a huge social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram, reported on Friday.

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Leonard and Penny have been dating for ten years but still had no commitment until now. Four different proposals for marriage the TV sitcom couple did not result in an engagement. Finally on Thursday’s “:The Gorilla Dissolution," episode the couple agreed to tie the knot and the engagement is officially on.

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The news is sparking a number of witty comments on Twitter and other social media sites. Some are poking fun at Leonard’s last name by suggesting that she really does want to spend the rest of her life explaining how to spell "Hofstadter."

Penny is an aspiring actress who supports herself working as a waitress and doing odd jobs. She got fired from her role as bisexual go go dancer. She was transforming into a gorilla for work in "Serial Ape-Ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill." Losing the gorilla gig may have pushed Penny over the edge to make serious decisions about her life, including marriage.

“I need to start making some smart decisions,” Penny said after being fired from that gig.

Leonard, understandably was suspicious about Penny’s sudden interest in marrying him. Leonard told Penny that he saw himself as a healthy bran muffin instead of an exciting, diabetes-inducing Pop-Tart. He insisted on knowing what she needed from him.

Penny responded, "You, you stupid Pop-Tart!"

Leonard then pulled out the engagement ring he has carried in his wallet for years.

Twitter lights up

Within seconds of the Big Bang episode’s showing on the Eastern time zone, “Penny and Leonard” was a big trending term on Twitter. Fans for the most part were thrilled for the couple.

Here’s a sample of some of the Twitter comments:

Emily Handke wrote, “I'm more excited about Penny and Leonards engagement on @BigBang_CBS than I am about my college graduation tomorrow! #PennyAndLeonard”

Twitter user Anna Allred Haney wrote “Sitting here bawling at Leonard giving Penny the ring he's been carrying in his wallet! #BigBangTheory”

Terrible waitress opined, “Dear #BigBangTheory, thank you for a strawberry pop tart-tastic episode!”

Laura Jean Smith wrote, “Dear #BigBangTheory, thank you for a strawberry pop tart-tastic episode!”:

Maria wrote, “I cannot believe that Penny and Leonard got engaged! Wonder how long it's gonna last. #TheBigBangTheory”

Jenn Gallo wrote, “Finally!!!! Penny and Leonard are engaged!!! 💍💏😍 #BBT #PennyAndLeonard”

Cory opined, “Ted and robin ended together and now penny and Leonard! My life will be better when ness get back together....”

Twitter user jana wrote, “no stop spoileringshows omg! i don't care stefan died until i watch the episode! and i don't even care leonard and penny are engaged!:

Erica Monroe wrote, “So last night's #bigbangtheory was perfect. That ending scene was written very true to the characters of Leonard and Penny, and I'm so happy”

Brit agreed wrting, “I love how Leonard first proposed in 5.23 and then Leonard and Penny both proposed to finally get engaged in 7.23. #TheBigBangTheory”

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) characters are also lighting up Facebook with a number of fans passing along their comments on the Big Bang Theory engagement.

How do you think the Big Bang Theory engagement will ultimately affect the show? Do you think the show will be less funny?


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