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'Big Bang Theory' engagement odd precursor to 'big cliff hanger' for 7 finale?

Big Bang Theory engagement, this would have made an excellent cliff hanger.
Big Bang Theory engagement, this would have made an excellent cliff hanger.
Big Bang Theory/ Wikimedia Commons

The “Big Bang Theory” engagement builds a bridge for the show going forward. What started out as a show around the antics of a group of young friends is now evolving into the perils of adulthood for this veteran cast. A “cliff hanger” is promised for the season 7 finale this week, so will something happen with this engagement so it will teeter on the edge until season 8? reports on May 10, that this engagement has sent fans into overdrive rejoicing on the social networks as this event is long overdue.

You would think since it is so close to the end of the season, Leonard would have popped the question to Penny on the finale episode. It is odd that this wasn't used as a cliff hanger, having fans anxiously awaiting Penny's answer. Closing down the season with fans anxiously awaiting Penny’s “yes” or “no” to Leonard’s “will you marry me,” would bring back the masses for sure. So what could be even bigger than this as a cliff hanger as season 7 ends?

It was announced back at the beginning of the year that “Big Bang Theory” was renewed through season 10, according to the Hollywood Reporter, so you know that there is so much more to come from this cast. With season 8, 9 and 10 still in the show’s future, the answer to Leonard’s proposal could have been prolonged into next season.

The lackluster proposal built into bigger and better once Leonard was sure that Penny wasn’t suggesting marriage as a safe harbor from her recent experience with the cold cruel world, which was the demise of her acting job. That ring wasn’t coming out of the cobwebs of his wallet until he was sure he wasn’t Penny’s safe bet, suggests Today.

Penny agreeing to marry Leonard took seven seasons and four rejected proposals between them to happen, so the rejoicing from the fans heard across the world of social networks was well warranted. From Twitter to Facebook, fans were thrilled that the nerdy scientist snagged his aspiring actress, but you have to admit the timing was odd.

Speculation is alive and well when it comes to the season finale of the “Big Bang Theory’s” cliff hanger this week. If the engagement wasn’t used for that purpose, what did the writers conjure up that will be even bigger and better for the season 7 finale? How does this surprise engagement figure into the season finale cliff hanger?

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