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'Big Bang Theory' engagement shades of 'Luke and Laura' hoopla back in 1981

"Big Bang Theory" engagement a modern day "Luke and Laura" event?
General Hospital/ Archives 1981 promo picture

The “Big Bang Theory” has one episode left for this season and it is the engagement that has everyone wondering how this will play out. This is not a little show with a little plot change, the “Big Bang Theory” engagement has social media in a frenzy with Penny and Leonard finally taking the next step after years of dating, according to NewsOxy on May 11.

The proposal on last week’s episode was a surprise for the fans in the U.S. and across the pond and while many thought that day would never come, it did! Will the wedding be the cliff hanger of the season finale episode or will the writers continue with this shocking surprise and actually have the wedding take place before the season closes out?

These are two fictional characters getting married, not real people in real-life. All this hoopla hasn't been seen around the engagement of many of the celebs today. It has been a very long time since such a fuss was made about fictional characters getting married on a TV show. One big event of love and marriage on TV happened over three decades ago. It was dubbed the 'Luke and Laura wedding.'

Do you remember back in 1981 when Luke and Laura got married on "General Hospital?" It was almost like the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of that era. Is this what the "Big Bang Theory" wedding of Penny and Leonard will turn out like?

When Luke Spencer and Laura Baldwin made the trip to the alter, that wedding got more attention than Kim Kardashian's first wedding and divorce combined, claims Snarkle in an archived article. Will Penny be the bride the TV world has been waiting for? Will she be the one to have that fictional wedding that will rival the wedding of the royals, like Laura Baldwin?

It started out as a lackluster engagement for Penny and Leonard when Penny tells Leonard that it’s “You, you stupid pop tart.” She did this when answering Leonard’s question on what she needs in life to be happy. While this starts out as a somewhat flimsy proposal when Leonard says, “Oh, then, I guess I’m in,” it ends solid as a rock, with a rock!

Out of Leonard’s wallet comes the engagement ring that he’s carried around for a few years, just waiting for the right moment. Before saying the words, Leonard extends his hand holding the ring. This was one thing this scientist wasn’t able to calculate, this was one moment that had to present itself in its own time, suggests the Epoch Times.

When it did, he was ready. With hand still extended with the ring, Leonard simple says “Penny will you marry me?” The next sound from Penny is “Oh my God, yes!” While love and romance had its climax last week, this week all eyes are on Sheldon. The spoilers put Sheldon having some big changes in his life that starts with the realization that his roommate and best friend has found a new roommate for life.

This week’s season finale has Sheldon pondering Caltech’s refusal to let him change his field. Amy’s attempts at comforting Sheldon somehow twist and make things worse. The menu for this week’s finale says “Somebody goes on departure.” It continues saying that Sheldon “considers a major move,” so could it be Sheldon, as he is seeing his future as uncertain, making that departure?

Will the "Big Bang Theory" actually put this into high gear and have a wedding for the season finale? The two have been going together for years and finally the ring came out. Why would the series jump into a wedding so soon after prolonging popping the question for so long?

The series is a sitcom comedy, but from the looks of the headlines today you would swear that it is a real-life couple who just got engaged. It is a top trending story which is reminiscent to the "Luke and Laura" wedding decades ago on General Hospital. This soap opera wedding had people taking off from work, fan parties all over the nation and headline news as Luke and Laura said "I do" in 1981. That was a sensation, much like the "Big Bang Theory" couple is turning out to be.

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