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Big Bang Theory Actors to Earn Million per Episode

Big Bang Theory Actors to Earn Million per Episode
Big Bang Theory Actors to Earn Million per Episode
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actors of the Big Bang Theory just received a big boost in pay after reaching an agreement with the network today. Show stalwarts, Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Kaley Cuoco (Penny) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) are each currently negotiating three-year deals that will now earn them $1 million dollars per episode.

Originally reported by Deadline, the actors are working on contracts that will take them up to the show's 11th season. The $1 million per episode for the Big Bang Theory actors, is a 185 percent pay increase from the actor's previous salaries of $300,000 per episode (Rice, People). The new deals for Parsons, Cuoco, and Galecki also include a bigger share of show profits from re-runs and development deals through Warner Bros.

As the network's ratings juggernaut, the Big Bang Theory just wrapped its most popular season, giving the actors plenty to leverage in contract discussions. The new deals handed down to the disgruntled actors makes them among the highest paid in television. The deal is very similar to what the cast of Friends received when they became million dollar-per-episode contract earners.

The increase in pay is a positive sign for continued production on the show's 8th season, which had previously been delayed during the pay dispute. Now that the issue with three of show's stars has been addressed, the focus will be on the rest of the main cast. Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) are finalizing the details of their new contracts before production of the show's 8th season can resume.

Season 8 is expected to begin September 22nd on CBS.