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Big Ass Monster Hunting in Tera

Split face monster waking up
Split face monster waking up
Tera Rising En Masse Entertainment

Tera has become one of my guilty pleasures. When it first came out I jumped on it because of the fighting mechanics and while many of my friends consider it borderline video game porn with terrible writing and voice acting that doesn't sync up with its anime style characters, I can't help but find myself spending a few hours each week hunting BAM (Big Ass Monsters).

This week I set out to bring honor and glory to the Federation and focused on a number of quests involving hunting down BAM and take some screenshots of this beautifully crafted world and amazing combat.

I also found myself often playing with the UI completely removed and felt much more immersed in the game. Eventually I decided to turn the UI back on as there isn't a good way to pay attention to your health without it. If anyone knows of a way to remove everything but the health, mana, resolve bars let me know in the comments below.