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Big appreciation for Agnes of Despicable Me 2

Agnes sings the praises of her papa's stark scalp in Despicable Me 2
Universal/Illumination Entertainment

A non-Minion - yet diminutive - character packs the biggest comedic punch in the current Universal Pictures/Illumination Entertainment stereoscopic CGI blockbuster Despicable Me 2. Agnes (as voiced by budding actor Elsie Fisher) is the youngest and smallest of lead baddie-turned-goodie Gru's (Steve Carell) three adopted daughters. What she lacks in actual size, Agnes (via her human architects) accomplishes with wide-eyed physicality and impeccable line delivery.

Furthermore, in terms of screen time, Agnes is considerably meatier in this sequel than in the 2010 release Despicable Me. That is great news for her (presumably) expanding fan base. Perhaps a star turn in another sequel or spinoff series is imminent. Chris Meledandri, please take note!

With the above in mind, and in order of hilarity (number 1 earns the biggest giggles), here are the top five scene stealing moments, courtesy of the adorably animated Agnes:

5) The heart-to-heart - Shortly before the film's climax, Agnes sincerely offers to help papa Gru with saving his spy soul mate Lucy and the world.

4) The mom speech, perfected - At Gru and Lucy's wedding, Agnes proudly presents the polished version of her mother appreciation monologue.

3) The mom speech, zombie style - At home, Agnes rehearses her mother appreciation monologue per an unblinking, monotone interpretation. Gru is duly critical.

2) The Gru-zinkerbell - During her birthday party, Agnes pretends that pretty-ugly-in-pink Gru is the promised fairy princess performer.

1) The egghead - With good reason, this scene also appears in corresponding advertisements for the film. At bedtime, drowsy Agnes admits that she knows what makes her dad a boy: his bald head. She extols the virtue of Gru's stark scalp by describing its resemblance to an egg. She lovingly admits that, sometimes, she imagines a chick hatching from it. Agnes blissfully punctuates the speech with subtle hand gestures and barely audible poultry sounds.

Gru reacts thus: "Goodnight Agnes. Never get older."

One supposes the audience shares the same sentiment.

For more awfully good, larger-than-life fun with Despicable Me 2, see the movie and

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