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Big Ang confirms she is coming back to 'Mob Wives' for season 5

Big Ang has confirmed that she will be returning to "Mob Wives" for the fifth season.
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Playboy

On March 26 Radar Online did an exclusive interview with Big Ang of "Mob Wives" who has confirmed that she will be back for season five. There was a lot of speculation as to whether she would return because she was not listed in the casting news when season five "Mob Wives: New Blood" was confirmed.

Ang says that she's not sure where the rumor came from but she loves the show and is good friends with all the girls so of course she will be back, for as long as they will have her.

In the last season, Ang put her baby having thoughts away because it would just be too much with two granddaughters on the way as well as two of all the everything that comes with it like christenings, bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings. She is also going through menopause which she claims is a nightmare because you cant sleep and you're just hot all the time. If she added a baby in that mix, things could get ugly, especially since Ang isn't a fan of medicine and won't take them.

There has been news circulating about Karen Gravano returning for the fifth season. Ang says that she doesn't believe that to be true, but if it happens it happens. She doesn't care either way if Karen returns or not because she's friends with everyone and simply won't involve herself in their drama between them. If Karen does return, there would be drama because Alicia isn't a Karen fan.

Are you glad that Big Ang is returning for another season of "Mob Wives?"

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