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Big 12 reprimands Tuberville; Texas Tech silent

Tommy Tuberville under pressure
Tommy Tuberville under pressure
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The Big 12 Conference issued a public reprimand of Texas Tech Head Football Coach Tommy Tuberville on Monday afternoon. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby conceded that the conference will be keeping an eye on the situation, as they move forward. Texas Tech has been completely silent on the matter, to this point. They may have taken action in regards to the alleged physical abuse that Tommy Tuberville inflicted on his graduate assistant. Will there be any statement from the University? That is unclear.

The Big 12 probably got the punishment about right, as far as the conference is concerned. This is probably about in line with what they have done in similar circumstances in the past. Texas Tech has a much tougher burden with this incident. Shouldn’t the university also issue a punishment in line with what they have done in the past? It may already be too late for that.

That would have required an immediate suspension in line with what Mike Leach received in 2009. He was terminated for cause a few weeks later. That is the precedent at Texas Tech in situations where a coach is alleged to have physically abused a student. That may seem harsh, but that is the precedent that the university has set. That really has become their defacto policy.

The question whether or not the university has the moral integrity to enforce that across the board or only apply it to coaches they do not like at that moment in time. Most of the people outraged by this incident are asking for only one thing. They want everyone treated the same way. Any standard applied to one coach, should be applied to all coaches at the university.

Of course, that is probably not going to happen and the Lubbock media has already started the drum beat for the university. Apparently anyone who questions the university has an “agenda”. Anyone who questions Coach Tuberville’s actions has always wanted him fired. No one is allowed to have a dissenting or even slightly different opinion. Clearly, the local media has forgotten that they are supposed to question the government on behalf of the citizens, not protect the government from its citizens. Texas Tech is a state run institution. Perhaps the media has forgotten which side they are supposed to be on.

In Monday’s press conference, Coach Tuberville even alluded to fact that he seemed to think he deserved a free pass from the local media. It is not supposed to work that way. The Texas Tech administration is not supposed to be able to tell local media to jump and have them ask how high. There is a reason the media was given the right to free speech and freedom of the press. Perhaps some the supposed local “news people” could try to remember that.


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