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Bieber's Father Helped Facilitate Actions Leading Up To Arrest

Bieber posing for his most recent selfie/mugshot
Miami Beach Poilce Department

It’s impossible to escape from today’s news of Justin Bieber’s arrest Wednesday night, seeing as though it’s plastered all over social media and news stations across the country. The new detail that has recently been brought to light is Papa Bieber’s involvement in the events that lead up to his son’s arrest.

The Biebs was arrested Wednesday, January 22nd for drag racing with singer Khalil, both driving Lamborghinis down residential streets in Miami Beach, Florida. Bieber was also charged with a DUI (admitting to having alcohol, pot, and perscription drugs in his system) and resisting arrest, all on top of having an expired driver’s license, according to the arrest report (part 1, part 2, part 3). posted on Twitter by Miami Police earlier this morning. This morning it was also confirmed that Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was not only at the scene where this all happened, but actually was driving behind the Lamborghinis slowing down traffic so that Bieber and Khalil could have open streets to race on, according to TMZ. Jeremy Bieber, along with one other person, were both driving black SUV’s and enabling Justin to commit these crimes, resulting in what many might consider one of the worst acts of parenting in the news today.

Twitter erupted this morning with the news of Bieber’s arrest, and surprisingly some people are condoning the singer’s actions, claiming this is the result of having so much pressure on him at such a young age, and that this was bound to happen eventually. Those with this outlook started the hashtag “#FreeBieber” on Twitter as well as created Twitter profiles pushing for the artist’s release. Others are blaming the parents of Bieber, saying that they should have had a more active role in setting their child straight, and certainly not enabling him like Jeremy did. Just a few days prior, Papa Biebs posted this on twitter, urging his followers to “Lead by example!”, which is ironic considering these recent events.No matter what you believe (or Beliebe), this popstar is going to be in the news for quite a while, and the rumors and more details about the event will be discovered and argued about for the foreseeable future.

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