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Bieber May Be Headed Back to Canada

Justin Bieber in more hot water
Justin Bieber in more hot water
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The White House now has another high focus problem to deal with; Justin Bieber. The pop star who has millions of fans under the age of eighteen is in even more hot water. He has been in the news more for his illegal actions lately than he singing career.

The nineteen year old pop started out on YouTube and fast become a megastar and in 2010 hit the billboard charts with "Baby." He has had many hit songs and even a movie, "Never Say Never" which grossed over $98 million. However in mid-December Justin told his legions fans, "I'm retiring." This left many fans wondering what is going on with Justin an he has been on a downward spiral ever since.

He has been allegedly accused of everything from drug use, speeding, underage drinking, DUI, and even egging a neighbors house. The latest blow to his ego is a petition to deport the pop star. On the White House site for US citizens to petition the government, on January 23rd a person from Detroit started a petition, and less than five days later President Obama needs to deal with it.

The link, , has over 124,000 signatures at this time and it's still growing. People have been angry about his growing runs-in with the laws and I'm sure his father's response didn't help. So what will happen to Mr. Bieber?