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Bieber is not the Beaver

The parade begins
The parade begins
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Where are Wally, Ward and June? With more allegations and charges being issued to Justin Bieber every day, the out of control youth is propelling down a path that we have seen way too often. Along with the fast cars, the wild parties and the “I am invincible” behavior, Justin Bieber is setting himself up to be an all too familiar statistic of child stars that have destroyed their lives. These stars had everything handed to them without any consideration of restraints. Those who proclaim they care the most should be vigilant in this most crucial time. Even the many who just use Justin as a meal ticket should heed the signs. Bieber is going to end up as a casualty of this own success.

Wealth, fame and stardom do not replace the values of proper parenting, specifically, giving the child an understanding of boundaries and limitation. We too often as a society overlook shortcomings in the developmental process of rich, over privileged individuals because many of us dream of living their lives, believing that we should be envious of their success. As a society, we perpetuate this jealously through our reality television programs, our consumerism, and our idolizing behavior. Consequently, we fail to recognize and teach the true values which through the test of time have made our nation great.

In Leave it to Beaver, we use to relish the moments when Beaver and family worked together to correct the situations which the Beaver would cause. But always we knew that the Beaver had parameters he would never cross. Today, nothing that Justin Bieber does illustrates that he has any clue about the boundaries in his life which he should not cross. He lives his life with reckless abandon; to which we will sooner rather than later look at ourselves and ask, “How sad it was that…” With the passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Justin Bieber and others must take stock of their lives and acknowledge that this could be them.

Although Justin is Canadian, he represents a behavior that is born in America. Our materialistic, over indulgent nation must realize that this continual loss of important treasured young people can only be stopped by us joining together, and identifying the problem. Fragmenting and blaming each other for our inadequacies in parenting will not remedy the problem of our children having no ability to embrace the values of fore fathers; such as hard work, selflessness, and a healthy respect for their own limitations. Our children will only end up falling further behind those societies who continue to promote these timeless values.