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Bieber Disneyland lines: Justin Bieber's wheelchair just ploy to skip lines?

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Justin Bieber is captured in pictures sitting in a wheel chair while at Disneyland over the weekend. Some believe he did this to cut to the front of the lines at all the attractions. Critics and fans alike are unhappy with Bieber stooping so low as to use a wheel chair to get to the front of the lines if this is truly the case, reports NewsOxy on July 23.

Unfortunately people tend to think the worst of Bieber's motives because of his bad boy history instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. While Bieber's camp reports that he would never do such a thing, critics are saying, oh yes he would!

Bieber's camp reports that he had hurt his knee playing basketball and he only sat in the wheelchair for a minute while at Disney. They also report that Disneyland already has a program for celebrities to go to the front of the lines so they won't conjure up a crowd in any one area.

The Gawker reports today that Bieber was "pushed around Disneyland in a wheelchair over the weekend." They too report on Bieber's camp saying that the teen had a legitimate knee injury. But still why would he roll through Disney in pain if he could go any other time when he is feeling better?

His representatives report that he wouldn't need to use such a ploy to skip to the head of the lines at Disney, just being a celebrity gets him there. Ken Baker from E News told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Tuesday that Bieber was in the wheelchair the entire time he was at Disneyland.

Baker said Bieber was there with friends and he did go on a bunch of rides, but other than when he got on a ride,"Bieber remained in the wheelchair the whole time." This again brought up the use of the wheel chair for Bieber to get him and his friends to the front of the line.

Why would he go to Disneyland, which entails a lot of walking and moving when getting on and off rides, if he really did have a knee injury? That would be the last place you would go, as most people would recuperate from the injury before going to Disney.