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Bieber, DiCaprio and Bloom don't play nice together: DiCaprio humiliates Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio humiliates Justin Bieber than cheers on Orlando Bloom when he throws that punch!
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Leonardo DiCprio has a flicking habit going on, but it seems to only happen when he’s near Justin Bieber. Apparently the first poke at Bieber came via DiCaprio the other night, which set the stage for Bloom to take a whack at Bieber, reports Yahoo News on August 2.

Bieber came over the table where Bloom and DiCaprio were sitting with friends and it seems DiCaprio waved him away by flicking both hands as if to say move along. This apparently embarrassed the crooner and upon saying something to Bloom, this is when he got the punch thrown at him, reports Mail Online.

This now famous punch didn’t make contact, but it seems that when Bloom threw the punch Bieber’s way, DiCaprio cheered Bloom on. DiCaprio was all for seeing Bieber’s face rearranged claim witnesses.

Anastasia Skolkova, a 20-year-old Spanish model was there and she reports seeing Justin saying something, which she was too far away to hear. Then she saw DiCaprio waving the singer away as if to dismiss him in one big embarrassing way.

Bieber must be a glutton for punishment because DiCaprio basically did this to Bieber once before. At the Cannes festival Bieber sent a member of his entourage over to DiCaprio to invite him over to party with Bieber’s friends. DiCaprio waved him on then, reports say DiCaprio considers Bieber a “little twit.” His dismissive wave was another embarrassment for the singer.

It looks like Justin Bieber has made some enemies among the A-list actors. The tiff the other night at the nightclub in Spain had Miranda Kerr’s name tossed about. She is Orlando’s estranged wife and an infatuation for Bieber. Witnesses say Bieber had some wise cracks for Bloom regarding Kerr and this is what got a punch sent his way.

When he got home he couldn’t drop it, he posted a sexy picture of Kerr on social media, but then took it down. He replaced that with a picture of Bloom, who looked like he was crying. This is stuff you’d expect from someone who is 12, not Bieber’s age.

Maybe Bieber needs to look at this type of behavior and see why people wave him on and don’t want to join his parties. He not only embarrassed himself with his antics, but it was reported Miranda Kerr was also embarrassed by her name being dragged into this kindergarten-like fighting!

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