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Bieber compares Princess Diana's paparazzi tragedy to his 'scratched' Ferrari

Justin Bieber tweets about paparrazi problems after a scratch in his car and compares his run-in to Princess Diana's
Photo by Ari Perilstein

Justin Bieber does live in somewhat of a fantasy world if his latest remark is any indication of how he perceives himself in this world. He compared himself to Princess Diana's tragic ending after slamming on his brakes causing a car driven by the paparazzi to rear-end him, according to MTV News on Aug. 27.

Granted, the paparazzi has put some of the world’s most famous people in harm’s way, with Princess Diana being the most memorable paparazzi-involved crash. After his Ferrari was rear-ended by the paparazzi and left with a scratch, Bieber took to Twitter and complained, reports the Daily Caller.

“There should be laws against what I just experienced. We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana...” tweeted Bieber. Hearing him equate himself with Diana, who lost her life in a horrible Paris crash, may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

A “scratch” in his high-end sports car is nothing at all in the scope of things, Diana lost her life, as did her companion that night. As far as Bieber’s next tweet, it might make one laugh, as he throws stones while living in a glass house. Bieber tweets, “...I don't have a problem with Paparazzi but when they act recklessly they put us all in danger,” as reported on AZ Central today.

This is the same man-child whose neighbor had to stop him and ask him to slow down as he and his cronies’ race around the family oriented gated community he lives in. Not to mention the numerous other reckless antics he’s made the headlines for in the past.

Yes, the paparazzi have gotten out of hand when it comes to trying to obtain that money shot. Kanye West has been very forth coming on his disdain for the camera flashing mobs, as has Miley Cyrus, especially after her mom was hit by a photographer’s camera by a member of the paparazzi.

They are a necessary evil for those who want to achieve the heights of fame that Bieber, Cyrus and West have obtained. West’s wife has made a living out of being on camera in her reality show.

While Bieber is feeling sorry for himself to the point of equating his problem with one that took the life of Princess Diana, that is stretching it beyond its limits for sure!

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