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Biden tries to talk like a Republican, outshines Obama’s blasé criticism of ISIL

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Vice President Joe Biden surprised the folks at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire by taking the typical Democrat campaign tack of trying to sound like a Republican. In a speech about Islamic State Jihadis murdering another American, Biden extolled that America would “follow them to the Gates of Hell!” Following Barack Obama’s lackadaisical presentation of his clarification of his lack of a strategy to deal with these barbarians, whom he will not refer to as Islamists let alone as the Jihadis that they call themselves, Americans wonder if he is going to destroy them or just try to manage the number of people they will kill? Obama had no trouble rousing himself to a fiery speech against Republicans and the TEA Party after almost yawning in for the cameras talking about America’s lack of responsibility to deal with the Islamic State.

Biden trying to talk like a Republican

Democrats are concerned about Obama’s apparent indifference to the expansion of the Islamic State and the tens of thousands of innocent people they have murdered, both Christian and Moslem. ISIL is prospering by stealing the resources of the region to support their army of murderers. These Jihadis are the same people Obama wanted to arm to overthrown Assad in Syria.

Democrats worried about Obama’s passé response to ISIL

Republicans have been beating the war drums for weeks regarding ISIL and the need for the United States to step up and take action against these Jihadis that are not only threatening American interests in the Middle East, but threatening to come to the U.S. to wage Jihad against their Great Satan. The CIA reports that ISIL has access to America through a number of Americans in their ranks who have passports back into the country. They also have the border with Mexico that Obama’s policies have opened to anyone and everyone.

Republicans have been demanding for months that the border be closed and this Jihadi threat met before they bring their war to America. The Tsarnaev brothers already proved how easy it is to infiltrate and bomb innocent people as they did at the Boston Marathon. If Obama does not have the will to exterminate his brother Sunnis, if he does not have the stomach to name them the Islamic Jihadis that they are, then America will suffer more terrorist attacks on its own soil before his watch is ended. Obamabots calling Obama’s indifference “acting with restraint” do no less than spit on the bodies of dead America’s murdered by Islamists.

Follow them to the Gates of Hell? Democrats won’t even cross the border to Syria?

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