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Bid on Fusion - A New Wholesale Inventory Source for eBay PowerSellers

Anne wins 20 Hot Boxes
Anne wins 20 Hot Boxes
Anne Zarraonandia

In the Spring of 2014 I received a phone call from a former eBay consignment client. He was letting me know about a San Francisco based company that he now worked for that might be of interest to me. It is called Bid on Fusion and they are changing the way that eBay sellers can buy their inventory. Items are sold by the box and even pallets consisting of all sorts of items from big national retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon for pennies on the dollar. These items might be returns or slightly damaged packaging, but most is in great condition and value. Items include books and media, sporting goods, health and beauty, toys, housewares, electronics, etc up for weekly auctions online. It’s free to register and bidding starts at $1.00! I signed up immediately and starting bidding like crazy.
They have “Hot Box” auctions that are boxes filled with a retail value of about $350 and will ship one box for $10 flat rate to anywhere in the continental USA. I was game and won a few “test” auctions. Within a week my items arrived at my front door, ready for me to go through. Some of my items included: pens, mini usb drives, plastic cups shaped like cowboy boots (they have become a quick reseller!), books, CDs, DVDs, toys, boxing trunks, swim caps, a baseball helmet, cell phone cases, dinnerware, backpacks and even a Barnes and Noble Nook eBook reader. I am still going through boxes and putting items up on eBay and sending into Amazon with FBA (fulfilled by Amazon).
Bid on Fusion has been reaching out to the eBay sellers by sponsoring eBay meet-up groups and conferences like the eBay Radio Party, last June in Las Vegas. Their whole team is friendly and open to suggestions on improving the whole bidding, winning and shipping process. They recently outgrew a warehouse facility in Arizona and had a good-ole live auction with bidders online and in person. I was sorry to miss that exciting event!
They have recently revamped their website to make it easier to see all the auctions they have going at many different warehouses around the country. One can source tons of products for wholesale prices or less with a couple of clicks of a computer mouse. As eBay sellers, most of us like the shopping aspect and this is definitely a fun way to shop. The auctions are getting more competitive as more sellers find out about Bid on Fusion, but deals are there to be had. The auction endings are staggered and allow people to find a similar box type if they didn’t win the one they were bidding on. I am hoping they will have a full manifest available soon, but in the meantime you can see a photo and a brief description of what’s in the box before bidding.
I have given myself a self-proclaimed break from bidding this past month while I catch up listing all my winnings. It is certainly fun to win a box and see what shows up the next week! As truck loads come into their warehouses, and are boxed ready for eBay sellers to bid on, we Power Sellers finally have a chance to be at the top of the food chain and get some liquidation deals of our own. After all, we are all just moving stuff around the universe! Buy, sell, buy some more! Give Bid on Fusion a try and I think you will come back time and again!