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Bicycle theft ring - arrests made in Elbert County

Stolen mountain bikes are ready to be claimed by their owners
Stolen mountain bikes are ready to be claimed by their owners
Photo by Vickie Wallis

April 29, 2011 Kiowa, Co

Two arrests so far have been made in a case that started with a simple traffic stop. In a press conference held today at the Elbert County Sheriff's Office (ECSO), Sheriff Shayne Heap stated that an Elbert County deputy had made a routine traffic stop and discovered the individual he had stopped was a 'habitual traffic offender'. Subsequent investigation led to a 'large sum of cash' in a bundle and some "illicit drugs". A storage unit was discovered in association with the individual and approximately 30 stolen mountain bikes were discovered in the unit. The majority of the bikes are thought to have come from school campuses, including CU, DU and Leadville. So far, only 4 of the bikes which are primarily high-end mountain bikes have been returned to their owners. If you have had a bicycle stolen and believe it might be in the custody of ECSO, please call (303)-621-2027 with your serial number, photograph or any other identifying information.

Sheriff Heap recommended for all bicycle owners noting the serial number, taking a photograph and of course, keeping it locked when not in use.