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Bicycle and Bike Wheel Reflectors to be Safe at Night

Bike Wheel Reflectors
Bike Wheel Reflectors
Bike Wheel Reflectors

If you all set to drive tonight, you will see reflectors shining brightly from the mailboxes. You will see the reflective sign boards and warnings. If bike riders are out at the night, they will see the ir pedal reflectors. All these reflectors will appear bright and seen.

So here is a million dollar question, if all these reflectors are so darn bright and easy to see, how come the bicycle safety nerds insist you need active lights to be seen at the night?

Well, i have very clever and specific answer: Bike Wheel Reflectors work under very specific conditions. Those conditions most of the all prevail in the night time driving we do. And yes, we need reflectors at the night time only when it is very difficult to visualize what next to you.

I am not saying that reflectors should work in any conditions. There are many accidents occurred where the Bicycle and Bike Wheel Reflectors not work. However, very few people understand how easy it is to wonder and justify the outside range of conditions and circumstances where the reflectors not work.

But there are 2 big reasons that justify that Reflectors are good enough to save your life.

To be Seen
The light we need to visualize presence of the any person, object or any obstacle on the way while driving on the road. The obstacle my be flashy or steady. Reflector on the bike or bicycle wheel and other parts help you and make you seen to another people driving on the apposite as well as same side.

To See
Seeing where are you going and weather there are any obstacle is important. Especially across the common routes where there are no street light. There is need to be steady light. If there is not streetlight, than you may lost you way. There should be some sign boards showing the directions and arrows, reflective strips in the middle of the road.

Safety Reflectors
Legally, you must have a red reflectors to the rear of the cycle and amber reflector fitted to the front and back end of the pedals. As well bike should have some front and back end reflectors for the safety purpose.

Of course, very shadow light beam also able to reflect on the reflector. To understand how can other reflectors can save your lives, you must try them out. Don’t neglect things when it comes on your safety and life.

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