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Biblical prophecy and world events continues to converge and accelerate

World events are converging prophetically exactly as outlined in the Bible.
World events are converging prophetically exactly as outlined in the Bible.

These are exciting times. These are perilous times. There are significant events coming true exactly as predicted in the Bible during our time.

As with most important things, the focus needs to be locked on to the things we have instead of the things we do not have. The things we do not have will manifest at its proper time.

Even the skeptics, scoffers, and doubters are scratching their collective heads about world events unfurling before their very eyes. There are clear dotted line references to events prophesied in the Holy Scriptures.

Dreams and Visions

Extraordinary dreams and visions are raging, not through Christian believers, but through practicing Muslims throughout the countries of the world. In a startling validation of Bible scripture’s statement that “your young men will see visions and your old men dreaming dreams”, this is exactly what has been taking place in the Islamic world.

Around 80% of the thousands of Muslims converting to Christianity have experience Jesus appearing in their dreams to claim them as His followers from Indonesia to Morocco. The phenomenon is duplicated in remarkably similar situations to Muslims that have converted to Christianity.

Rebuilding the Temple

With both the destruction of the Temple and Israel being erased by a nation by Roman Emperor Titus in 70AD, it looked as though the prophecies outlined by Daniel would be failed prediction. The building of an Islamic mosque at the Temple Mount could be perceived as an impossible task for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

However like clockwork Israel was birthed as a nation again in 1943, the only country to ever come back from oblivion. Israel recaptured Jerusalem in 1967 during the supernatural Six Day Way and assumed control of Jerusalem for the first time in nearly 2000-years, thus fulfilling Jesus’ declaration that “Jerusalem would be trample upon by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles were fulfilled”.

Mamonides, a Jewish sage, noted that in the days of a tenth red heifer, the Messiah would come. A tenth red heifer is being nurtured in Israel since Israel established itself as a nation. Ashes of a red heifer are necessary to purify the Temple which was desecrated in the destruction that took place with Titus’ forces.

In the book of Numbers, there is a requirement that a clean man who has never been unclean to administer the cleansing. Unknown to many, there have been young people sequestered since birth for the task in Israel currently. Golden utensils are already prepared and ready for the sacrifice according to the requirements outlined in the Torah.

Tetrad Blood Moon Period

There is an ominous history of significant moments in Christian and Jewish history that takes place during a rare tetrad blood moon period. This is the eighth tetrad blood moon where the number eight in Bible numerics equates to eternal or everlasting. Additionally, NASA has a tidbit which stipulates this will be the last tetrad blood moons this century.

An extremely critical declaration by Jesus states that “this generation shall not pass away until s fulfilled” implies that a convergence of events prophesied in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 must happen within a generation.

The signs in the sun, moon, and heavens represent one of many requirements to herald the return of Christ. The interesting note is combining the tetrad blood moons with the feast of Passover and feast of Tabernacles through the blood moon interval of 2014-15. A total eclipse of the sun for the Western United States is slated for later in 2014.

Adding up all of the astronomical signs along with events stipulated by Jesus, declarations in Revelation, and prophesies by Daniel fulfills the issue of converging events that Jesus clearly outlined in the gospels.

The Bible’s uncanny track record of fulfilled prophesy and declarations that could only be manifested in our time period is typically ignored by critics that do not want to admit they are dead wrong.

One just can’t argue with 100% accuracy.

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