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Biblical Cryptozoology : The Bible's perspective to hidden animals

Biblical Cryptozoology:Revealed Cryptids of the Bible
Biblical Cryptozoology:Revealed Cryptids of the Bible

The word "cryptozoology" means study of hidden animals. The biblical perspective to cryptozoology deals with the creatures mentioned in the Bible. Behemoth, leviathan, unicorn, satyr, fiery flying serpent, dragon and many more creatures mentioned in the Bible that are real creatures. These animals are considered hidden because people without the knowledge of the Bible do not know what these creatures are. In my book ("Biblical Cryptozoology : Revealed Cryptids of the Bible" (2009), ISBN :978-1-4415-2267-2, (can be viewed on, it gives a biblical perspective on this subject of cryptozoology.

Cryptozoology topics have excited and fascinated people for generations. Sailors for centuries have talked about sea serpents that they have encountered in the oceans around the world. Job seen a sea serpent along with David of the Bible called leviathan (Job 41:1-34),(Psalm 104:26). Dragons have been seen on land, sea, and air are mentioned many times in the Old Testament as real creatures.

Living fossils that have been found, are creatures that are thought to be extinct, but recently been rediscovered. One such creature is the now famous coelacanth. It was a large fish known only from its fossils and allegedly extinct for 65 million years. Extinct, that is, until many specimens have been found in the ocean. The first one was found in a fisherman's net off the coast of South Africa on December 25, 1938.

Cryptozoology is usually based on the evolution theory. But Biblical Cryptozoology is based on the Bible and the Creation account.

When Job saw behemoth in Job 40: 15-24, what did he see? Most commentaries say it was either an elephant or hippopotamus. But this creature is only mentioned one time in the Bible. The description does not fit an elephant or hippo because of the tail of this creature. "He moveth his tail like a cedar". Cedar trees are tall straight evergreen trees that grew in the area where Job lived. Job described behemoth's tail and it looked to him like a cedar tree that moved in the wind. Paleontologists have discovered that large dinosaurs kept their tails (that were huge) straight behind them, positioned up in the air, to use as a counterbalance. The description of behemoth does describe a dinosaur, not an elephant or hippo.

Even though the word cryptozoology is not in the Bible,( because it was not coined until 1959), it can be used by creationists to talk about creatures that are mentioned in the Bible. Many books have been written on the subject of cryptozoology, but m not many on biblical cryptozoology.

The whole reason in writing a book (Biblical Cryptozoology : Revealed Cryptids of the Bible) that gives a biblical perspective to cryptozoology is to give God the glory and magnify Him as Lord, Creator, and Saviour. Amen! Revelation 4:11 says "Thou art worthy, O lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created".

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