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Bible stops bullets saves bus driver's life

Forty-nine-year-old bus driver, Ricky Wagoner, stood outside in the early morning hours trying to repair his broken down bus. When three men approached him, the broken down bus was the least of his problems. One of the men announced it was time to "kill a polar bear" to get into a club, and according to a February 26 report on iol news Ricky Wagoner quickly found himself fighting for his life.

The Message

New Testament stops bullets

The assailants shot Wagoner in the leg and stabbed him in the arm, but he fought back. When the 911 dispatcher asked the bus driver about his injuries he discovered he hadn't been alone on the side of the road after all. He told police that he grabbed the gun from one of the men when he was shot in the chest. But it turns out the hand of God was there to protect him. Wagoner had started to carry a contemporary copy of the New Testament called "The Message" last week. It was in his shirt pocket and protected his heart from the bullets.

The bus driver told the 911 operator that he stabbed one of the assailants with an aluminum pen from his pocket before all three men ran away. "I took the gun and knife away from them and shot at them," he said. He thinks he may have struck one of them. Investigators found a pair of bullets lodged in the New Testament. Bullets meant to stop his heart.

Dayton Sgt. Michael Pauley told reporters, "There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident because he probably should not be here.''

While the Scripture has been given to man to save the soul, this time it also saved the physical life of Ricky Wagoner by stopping a pair of bullets. The bus driver is presently in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the three suspects remain at large.

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