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Bible stops bullets: Ohio bus driver's Bible saved him from certain death
Bible stops bullets: "The Message" was clear to police that "some kind of intervention" had occurred after a bus driver was shot in the chest but saved by the good book, says MSN News.

A bullet stopping Bible – Now that’s more than what most people ask the Word of God to do when it comes to Divine intervention.

According to CNN on Tuesday, 49-year-old Rickey Wagoner was assaulted by three hoodlums early Monday morning after he stopped his Dayton city bus on the side of the road because of an electrical problem. The men shot Wagoner three times, but two of the bullets – directed at his cheat – became lodged in his Bible, saving his life.

Wagoner’s copy of The Message – a contemporary version of the New Testament – was in his front chest pocket of the coat he was wearing. Even the veteran bus driver did not initially realize that his Bible had spared his life.

"I've been hit in the leg," Wagoner told an emergency dispatcher, the Dayton Daily News reported. "My chest feels like I've been hit with a sledgehammer."

"The two bullets were stopped by the New Testament book in his chest pocket," Dayton Police Sgt. Michael Pauley said. "There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here."

Wagoner, perhaps imbued with zeal from his miraculous rescue, went on the offensive and turned the tables on his attackers. He was able to wrestle the gun away from one of the men, even though a second suspect stabbed Wagoner in the arm.

But the pen proved mightier than the sword. Wagoner yanked an ink pen from his pocket and jabbed one of the suspects in the leg. The man dropped his gun; Wagoner then picked it up and fired after the trio as they fled.

Wagoner told police that he wasn’t robbed. The assault appeared to be a gang initiation. All three men were young black males. One of the men told the shooter he would have to kill Wagoner “if you want to be all the way in the club,” the Dayton Daily News reported.

"Amazingly, his injuries are not life threatening," Pauley said. "He basically said he fought for his life."

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