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Bible's Abraham story leads to murder of two-year-old girl

Kimberly Lucas holding her ex-partner's daughter Elliana. Lucas was emptional about her relationship with Elliana's mom not working. After listening to a church sermon about God telling Abraham to kill his son, she killed Elliana.

An innocent, helpless and beautiful little girl was murdered yesterday, May 28, 2014, in Jupiter, Florida because her killer believed in the ungodly Bible story at Genesis 22 that claims God ordered Abraham to kill his son Isaac but at the very last second stops the killing.

Kimberly Dawn Lucas and her lesbian former partner and her ex-partner's two children, two-year-old Elliana Lucas-Jamason and her 10-year-old brother Ethan, all attended church services at Metropolitan Community Church, which is a gay Christian church. The topic of the sermon they had preached to them by clergywoman Lea Brown was the horrific and ungodly story of God ordering Abraham to murder his son Isaac for him. According to Genesis 22:12 the reason God told Abraham to murder his son Isaac was to see if Abraham actually feared God enough to go through with it. The Abrahamic "revealed"/hearsay religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all degrade God/The Supreme Intelligence with trash like this.

Lucas also tried to kill Ethan and herself. She left a note on the computer which said in part, "Lea's sermon really, really touched me yesterday but God never told me to stop." She murdered Elliana by drowning her in the bathtub.

Incredibly the clergywoman who gave this repulsive Bible based sermon said, "It's what I was called on to preach. There's no way anyone could have predicted this."

Sure there was a way people could have predicted this murder. All you need to do is apply your innate God-given reason and you can plainly see believing such garbage as this Bible story not only can lead to a believer acting upon it, but actually has already led to at least one other Bible believer acting on it and killing two of her sons and permanently disabling her third son in the preventable sad case of Deanna Laney.

The local CBS news story that aired about this Bible based/faith based murder refers to the Bible as the Word of God. However, many people do not believe the Bible is the Word of God. For example, Deism, which is belief in God based on the application of reason on the laws and designs in Nature, makes very clear that the Bible is NOT the Word of God. Deism embraces this quote from the American founder and Deists regarding the Word of God: "I believe it is only in the CREATION that all our ideas and conceptions of a Word of God can unite. The Creation speaks a universal language, independently of human speech or human language, multiplied and various as they may be. It is an ever existing original, which every man can read. It cannot be forged; it cannot be counterfeited; it cannot be lost; it cannot be altered; it cannot be suppressed. It does not depend upon the will of man whether it shall be published or not; it publishes itself from one end of the earth to the other. It preaches to all nations and to all worlds; and this Word of God reveals to man all that is necessary for man to know of God.''

Why gay people would want to belong to any religion that has a "holy" book that commands the killing of gays (Leviticus 20:13) is difficult to understand for many people. Likewise, many people find it hard to understand why any woman would want to be a part of Judaism, Christianity or Islam since all three of them degrade women. Perhaps it's due to their not being educated to the fact that God has nothing to do with these man-made religions and that their "holy" books are NOT the Word of God.

God gave us reason, not religion; Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You; The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition; An Answer to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity; Listen to Deism Podcasts; Stump the Bible Thumpers; Stump the Koran Thumpers

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