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Bible Riddle: Who was the longest lived in the Bible?

Riddle Question Mark
Riddle Question Mark
Steven Switzer

This is not a simple answer. This will test your knowledge of the Bible and how well you know your Bible. And "Bible" in this case includes the Old Testament (i.e. the Tanakh, or Hebrew Scriptures), New Testament, and the Old Testament Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books. Here is the question in full.

Excluding immortals and supernatural beings (i.e. God, Jesus, Satan, angels, demons, etc.) what three mortal human beings were the longest lived of all in the entire Bible?

Think about it, the answer is not as simple as it may seem.

One note of clarity, immortals include beings that were never born, such as Melchizedek, and includes preexistent beings such as God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Supernatural beings include created immortal beings such as Satan, demons, angels, and other supernatural beings mentioned in the Bible, Cherubim, etc.

And the term ‘mortal’ should be clarified. A mortal includes any human being from Adam and Eve onward, in short any human being or creature who was born and is or was capable of dying. Jesus is excluded from this however, even though he had a mortal existence, he is considered, for the purpose of this question, an immortal and preexistent being. And even so, Jesus in his mortal livery lived only about 33 years, so would hardly qualify as a long lived human being.

If the reader wishes to answer, the reader may answer below in the comments.

The answer will be provided in a later article.


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