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Bible prophecies about the Book of Mormon

Many times, latter-day saints get challenged by critics to show them where the Book of Mormon is mentioned in the Bible. Here's a list of Bible passages that refer to the Book of Mormon, the people that wrote it anciently, or its coming forth in the last days.

1. Genesis 49:22-26 and Deuteronomy 33:13-17. These passages refer to Jacob's blessing upon his son Joseph. It says the Joseph's seed would be like a “fruitful bough” by a well, whose branches would extend beyond the walls to the “everlasting hills.” Latter-day saints know this refers to the people who wrote the Book of Mormon, who sailed across the ocean (the well) to a new promised land in the Americas (the land of the everlasting hills).

2. Ezekiel 37:15-20. These verses refer to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, a written record of the descendants of the tribe of Joseph and his son Ephraim. This record is to be joined to the record of Judah (the Bible) and become one in the Lord's hand.

3. Isaiah 29:11-24 speaks of a “marvellous work” and a “wonder” the Lord would bring forth in the last days that will confound the wise and the learned. It was to come out of the earth. It was to come in the form of a sealed book that will be delivered to a learned man who can't read it and to an unlearned one who will be able to read it. This sealed book would expose the wickedness of conspiring men and the false philosophies of secularism. It would open the eyes and ears of those who are spiritually blind and deaf , It would reveal those who intentionally teach falsehoods and correct errors in doctrine to those who erred in sincerity. Those who heed it will see “out of obscurity” and “out of darkness.” Those familiar with the account of Martin Harris taking a transcription of the characters from the gold plates to Professor Charles Anthon will instantly identify the fulfillment of the “sealed book” prophecy.

4. John 10:16 quotes Jesus Christ saying that he had “other sheep” which were not of this fold (his hearers in Israel). These other sheep would also hear his voice. Most Christian Bible readers assume he referred to the Gentiles, but he later gave instructions to his disciples to only preach the gospel to the “lost sheep” of the house of Israel (See Matthew 10:6 and 15:24.) The gospel would only go to the Gentiles sometime later, after Peter's vision in Acts.)

5. Revelation 14:6 speaks of an angel who would come in the last days, bringing the “everlasting gospel” to be preached on the earth to every nation. Joseph Smith received the gold plates from an angel named Moroni. In 1827. Eleven men saw these plates. Three of them heard the voice of God bear witness of the correctness of the translation and saw the angel. Eight of these men physically handled the plates, hefted them, turned the pages, but without any supernatural manifestations. The plates were a physical reality and God testified that they contained the fullness of the gospel to take to the nations of the earth.

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